Secret behind why Jegede, Agboola failed against Akeredolu —Dep Speaker, Aderoboye

…….As Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu took oath of office recently to kickoff his second term in office, Rt. Hon, Rev. Aderoboye Samuel Ademoye, the Deputy Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly shares with WWW.SUNSHINETRUTHNG.COM on February 15, 2021, some of the qualities that earned Arakunrin reelection despite strong oppositions during the 10th October, 2020 gubernatorial election.

Can we meet you sir?

Rt. Hon. (Reverend) Aderoboye Samuel Ademoye, the Deputy Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly. I’m also by the grace of God the lawmaker representing the good people of Odigbo constituency 2.

You are one of the most experienced lawmakers, how will you describe the current Assembly with your prior experience?

Learning is a continuous exercise, the system we have is the system of the old and the new, where by the new will learn from the old. We are working assiduously to make sure that the Assembly does not crumble.

While making laws, we are making law that can stands the test of time to improve the livelihood of our people at a given period, which is our primary responsibility. We work well with the Executive as expected for smooth running of the State, and having passed the budget, we have tried also to follow the calendar system within the Budget.

From our own end, under the leadership of Rt. Hon. David Oloyelogun, the speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly, whom am deputizing for and we are in one accord.

You were once a member of the House from 1999 to 2003, can you compare and contrast the challenges of your initial four years and now?

There were discipline in those days, and the Constitution emphasized on Supremacy, and barring this, there are some party policies one must implement while playing the politics; but now no such discipline in hierarchy today, a situation whereby party instructs and members (lawmakers) still violate such orders.

During those days, there were absolute loyalty, dedication and commitment from members. I must say that there is a need for such now, we are working towards returning the Assembly to such qualities, as to whom much is given, much is expected.

The difference is that there was discipline then, but I am not saying there is no discipline now, only that people just feel they can do anyhow they like nowadays.

Can you react to issues of snake scandal and the aborted impeachment saga of the former Deputy Governor (Hon Agboola Ajayi), which are two most challenging events in the House so far?

The two issues are not issues to the House Assembly, they are norms. Impeachment process is normal, anybody can raise impeachement alarm. About the snake Saga, it wasn’t an issue, it had come and gone.

At a particular time, you may say there was snake and you may say there is not, at a particular point the Governor (Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu) himself came to ascertain the veracity of the issue and realized it was not true and not serious as earlier painted.

The issue of the Deputy (Agboola), for the Governor, he believes he (Agboola) is his brother and he should be left alone, and the Assembly was of the decision that the constitution should be followed.

Sometime if you want to impeach someone constitutionally, it may be cumbersome. He (Agboola) should even have honourably tendered his resignation letter instead of facing impeachment (then) since he has left our party that gave him mandate of the deputy governor; he left our party, went to another party (Zenith Labour Party, ZLP) to contest (the state governorship election of October 10, 2020), is it right for him to be using his salary to fight against us (then)?

Although there were mistakes along the line, but it has been thing of the past. The most important thing is that the Governor is living and he is living in good health. Perhaps if he fell sick during that period would he assign his duties to his enemy?

So many issues were raised, the deputy governor should have resigned honourably. Anyway we are moving on with the second term mandate of Mr Governor. We thank God for the life of the Governor.

You contributed so much to the victory of the Governor in the past especially in 2012 and 2016, has he really justified the mandate?

To whom much is given, much more is expected, we started the race long time ago as you have said. We both started with patience nothing hard for God to do.

When we started, his slogan was the “Chosen One”. Initially, I was said to be the Deputy Govenor, the other time I was shortlisted again, again I was to be nominated as Commissioner, but the two didn’t come through.

People called me and said that I was shortchanged and my followers started calling me “E go better”. During that period, later I indicated interest in the Assembly seat and as God will have it, here we are today.

He (Akeredolu) has done his part for me, and I really appreciate God for his life. He has done a lot for my people. We have never had it so smooth and good as this.

Let me take my town (Araromi Obu) for instance, we have working boreholes there, electrification system is there, modern school buildings in our schools there. Virtually every street there had been rehabilitated and reconstructed by our governor.

In my Odigbo local government area, first Flyover Bridge constructed by the governor is in Ore, even Ondo-Linyi industrial hub in Ore. We thank him and I’m happy our people have always been supporting anything Arakunrin Akeredolu.

My local government has never voted against the governor, when other local government areas were delivering for PDP, Labour Party, we took our stand with ACN and APC. Like me despite lucrative offers from previous administrations in the state to join their parties, I have never left our progressives family because am an Afenifere member.

That’s why we progressed with Governor Akeredolu who has a good, like in the Book of Jeremiah which says that I have for you is of good, not for evil. The Governor has tried seriously for Ondo South Senatorial District. So we are seeing new things coming from Aketi.

Can you give us an insight about the relationship between the Executive and the Legislature in the past 4years of Akeredolu’s administration?

What normally brings argument and in-fighting between the two arms of government in the past and in other states most time is money palaver, you do ask series of questions about how money was being spent and others, once there is communication breakdown, it brings palaver.

However in Ondo state, we have a good Executive/Legislature relationship ever since Akeredolu assumed office four years ago.

Akeredolu is a man of truth and very transparent in his dealings with us. He will put everything on the table for NULGE, NLC and others, they can testify, Aketi doesn’t bribe to get things done.

When we assumed office, we inherited almost about four good years unaudited auditor’s reports for the state. It was during this our period in this Assembly we cleared everything about auditing of our state government’s accounts which had not been audited by the previous administration for four years.

Akeredolu is a straight forward person that will see white and call it white unlike other politicians. For now we believe the next budget (2021 appropriation act) is a budget of Hope, Consolidation on some areas that are lacking before now, needs of each local government area are vary.

In my own town where we have water and where the streets are being tarred, we cannot be agitating for road or water. And to some people, water and tarred roads are germane to them.

Akeredolu has scored a pass mark and justified the mandate of the people of 2016 and no wonder the people of the state voted him massively again on October 10, 2020.

In his second term, he wants to prove it all that he will perform better than the first term. He will correct the wrong impression that many governors don’t perform in their second term.

Why do you think the masses supported Akeredolu’s reelection despite the tempting and strong oppositions?

We believe in Akeredolu, we believe in what have seen in him, what we have heard about him and what he has done, the good things others have seen in him, the truth in him. You don’t put a lantern under a table, his doing has already been known by people. Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu works in truth, hence he derserves double portion. We believe that he has done a lot for this state.

To some people, successors abandon projects of their predecessors, but Akeredolu didn’t toe that path, his own case was continuity, look at Ondo in particularly he finished some projects left by his predecessors, he tarred the streets of his opponent, at least Eyitayo Jegede saw the road to his house constructed by Arakunrin. Let criticism be constructive, it is better. Akeredolu will not say what he won’t do.

He told us during Christmas that there is no money. People (political office holders) said they want to buy rice for sharing even when Civil Servants have not been paid salaries that time, he instructed everybody should do what they are capable of doing.

Ondo state people should be expecting in the second, more quality policies and projects in all sectors, in quality health, education, roads and security at large. The Governor is working so that nobody will come and invade our fathers’ land. Security is a priority.

On security, what is the Assembly doing to improve the operations of the State Security outfit codenamed (Amotekun)?

We are planning to review Amotekun Corps law, we are trying to do one or two comparison. You know it is a network outfit, not for Ondo state alone and whatever law is passed it must stand the test of time. Amotekun is doing well and we know the huge contributions of Governor Akeredolu.

If you are to advise the governor ahead of the second term, what will you tell him?

My own advice has been in his own mind, because it is God that reads people’s mind, and God doesn’t come down, He uses person to correct some anomalies.

My advice for him is to take good care of his health. You can perform effectively when you are healthy. After that we will continue to pray for him. There was a time he was indisposed, but the Lord gave him fast recuperation. During that time I had to send him a biblical message. We thank God for his life and pray Lord to grant him sound to lead us to enviable height in Ondo state.

You have been a Deputy Speaker of the state Assembly twice, any expectations from you for the future?

Thy will be done oh Lord, to some who know me, you will know I am not desperate to occupy any position. I believe in position that has been ordained by God. No one can receive except it is given from above.

I was shortlisted twice for Deputy Governorship slot, but didn’t come true, Commisioner too, didn’t come through.

It was in the media then, but see where God has placed me again today, after leaving this Assembly for good 17yrs. I never changed my political party unlike others who are political desperados, so let us put our faith in God.

You are a Reverend in your church, how do you manage religion and politics together?

It keeps you to fear God in your dealings, you will be righteous when it comes to legislative matters, you will see things in a Godly way when discharging oversight functions. Once I’m a preacher, I won’t be hypocrite.

Genesis to Revelation is for correction, admonitions so that men’s works will be perfect. Translating that to politics it will change few things positively, it reduce corruption, inequality, oppressions, and other bad things. It is the spirit of God during that moment that gives direction; everything you must fear God and do His will.

What is your advice to the people of the state?

They should be patient with this government, with prayers and supplications, things would work well. They should demands within the helms of affairs of the state. They should keep praying for our dear Governor as he starts his second term in office, pray for peace of the state too. I believe tomorrow will be better than today.

Rt Hon, you look very agile and young, what is the secret and your hobby?

I am a Sports man and engage in sporting activities, that is the secret. Thank you.

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