Youths condemn act of Vandalism by EFCC Operatives in Ondo

Ondo State Youths Representative, Oluyemi Fasipe has condemned the alleged act of vandalism carried out by the operatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Owo on Tuesday.

Yemie Fash, as he is popularly known, however said that EFCC operatives were undoubtedly backed by the law of the land to carry out their statutory duties of fighting economic and financial crimes. He added however, that the prescribed duties of EFCC did not include vandalism of the properties of Nigerian youths.

Speaking in the early hours of Wednesday on the reported vandalization of the properties of RUGIPO students, Yemie Fash further said the operatives of EFCC could have simply come to effect the arrest of anyone that was suspected of internet fraud without resorting to vandalization of people’s properties.

“Let me quickly posit that I am totally in support of crime fighting efforts of the EFCC. Nobody should misrepresent me on this. However, the idea of vandalizing the properties of suspects, especially the youth, must be condemned in the strongest term.

“The idea of raiding the residence of youths for the purpose of extorting money from them should also be condemned too. I will prefer a situation where youths that are suspected of internet fraud are arrested and diligently prosecuted by the EFFC.

“But a situation where residence of youths are raided and their properties seized by the EFCC; yet, the same arrested youths are set free few days later after parting with some money. This in my opinion, is not any different from act of extorting and this should be condemned by all.

Meanwhile, Yemie Fash also added that Nigerian was just recovering from the monumental economic loss occasioned by the EndSARS protests of last year and the nation cannot afford to witness another round of youth agitation.

“We were all witnesses to the EndSARS protests of last year as well as the reasons for the agitation. Nigeria nation apparently cannot afford to witness another round of youth protest because of the prevailing security challenges in the country.

“Operatives of EFCC should also be dissuaded from triggering another round of agitation with their acts of vandalism and extortion,” advised Yemie Fash.

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