Plot to blackmail Akeredolu uncovered

Press Statement

Covid-19 Fund Blackmail Stunt Is Another Futile Venture

It has come to the knowledge of the Ondo State Government that a miscreant, who claims to be Olupelumi “Fagboyegun” has embarked on another futile and spurious blackmail project.

The ‘sourced’ blackmail stuff, this time around, borders on the Covid-19 Fund Raising Committee. Expectedly, the target, aside government offiicals, include but not limited to one of Ondo’s most successful industrialists, Dr. Segun Olugboyegun.

In the heinous but rather, disingenuously scripted package, the sponsors behind this pernicious act, in collaboration with Olupelumi, the main character, have circulated a video in a section of the social media to smear the name of Dr Olugboyegun who served as a member of the Covid-19 Fund Raising Committee in the State.

For the avoidance of doubt, the said Olupelumi is not known to Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN contrary to his claims in the video. The Governor has neither assisted him in securing his release or any form in a matter that is before the Law Court. It is a puerile attempt to give legitimacy to his dastardly act.

Government considers this blackmail venture by Olupelumi and his co-horts highly unconsionable. Therefore, it is an obligation of Government to protect and appreciate those who have displayed commitment, rendered unquantifiable services and provided their goodwill for the benefit of the good people of Ondo State.

Without any equivocation, Dr Segun Olugboyegun does not just fit in as one illustrious son of the State this Government considers deserving of such as noted above. He deserves much more than appreciation from our people.

He had travelled the path of honour and integrity, selflessness and candour before this Administration came into office. He has continued on same path even now.

For the avoidance of doubt, while it is true that Dr Olugboyegun was a member of the Covid-19 Fund Raising Committee, he was neither the custodian of funds that accrued to the State through the Committee, nor was he the sole signatory of accounts in respect of the Committee.

The accounts of the Committee have been properly audited in line with best practices and those in doubt can access same by taking advantage of the Freedom of Information Law.

The public is, therefore, enjoined to treat this virile video as another thrash undeserving of any importance. Similarly for anyone who takes solace in perfidious activities as a result of slothfulness and indolence, this is another missed chance.


Donald Ojogo
Commissioner for Information and Orientation
Ondo State

May 16, 2021

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