New monarch: Mystery as Contestant slumps, dies at Selection venue in Ondo

It was like a drama as a tragic incident occurred at the ancient town of Akunnu Akoko in Akoko Northeast local government area of Ondo state when a contestant to the position of warrant Chief suddenly and mysteriously slumped and died at the venue of selection at oke Ima quarters in the town.

The deceased, Olorundare Agoye would have contested the slot with another man from oke ima quarters before his sudden demise.

The exercise which was being supervised by officials of Akoko Northeast local government was necessitated because many kingmakers in the town were no more and the vacant stool of oluwade the monarch of Akunnu is presently opened for contest by male children from the ruling house.

Government needed to appoint warrant chiefs to replace the real kingmakers that have passed on for them to select new monarch for Akunu Akoko.

The Oluwade oba Obasoro joined his ancestors almost two years ago and his daughter princess Tolani Orogun has been acting as the regent of the town.

Source: Positive FM

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