Eld-el-kabir: Let’s emulate Prophet Ibrahin’s virtues —Ondo PDP greets muslims


It is yet another opportunity to appreciate Almighty Allah(SWT) for sparing our lives to witness this year’s Eld-el-Adha.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ondo State chapter heartily rejoices with our Muslim brethren on this splendid occasion.

As we all know, this particular celebration epitomizes and exemplifies a life of commitment, total obedience and sacrifice lived by Prophet Ibrahim (ASW) and achievements attainable from this enviable lifestyle which includes supernatural provision and abundant life.

While awaiting the sweet turn of events particularly in Ondo State, I urge all of us to exercise caution in the process of celebrating this year’s Eld-el-Kabir by maintaining all the non-pharmaceutical protocols against the newly discovered, deadlier Covid-19 Delta variant so that all of us who have made this sacrifice can also live to witness the better days ahead.

Happy celebrations.

Hon. Fatai Adams,
State Chairman,
PDP, Ondo State.

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