Aketi @65: He is too forthright to be called a ‘politician’ —Lawyer Femi Emodamori

In a birthday message obtained by SUNSHINETRUTH in Akure, Emodamori said “Aketi is a rare breed. He is too forthright to be called a ‘politician’. His commitment to good governance, security and infrastructural revolution, is examplary.

He said, “He (Akeredolu) is the arrowhead of Southwest regional integration. On the national stage, he STANDS OUT as a fearless advocate of social justice, true federalism and a united Nigeria, drawing both praises, from those who believe in true federalism and social-economic justice, and criticism, from some of those who believe in separatism.

“On a personal level, I regard the recent national and international recognition of his government as the best in terms of financial transparency, as the greatest of the chronicles of his legacies.

“I join millions of Nigerians and the entire world, to thank God for the life of this rare gift to humanity, and wish him more glorious years,” said Barr Femi Emmanuel Emodamori.

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