Bandits, Kidnappers killing Education, Economy —muslim youths, as NACOMYO lauds Ondo govt’s security strategy

The Council through its State Coordinator, Alhaj Yekini Alli felicitates the Muslims all over the world in celebrating this year’s festival.

The Council particularly rejoice with Muslim Ummah in Nigeria as a whole and Ondo State in particular.

The Coordinator is using this medium to call on the Muslim community of the Sunshine State on the need for maximum cooperation with the government at all levels for them to achieve their set goals and objectives.
An atmosphere that is devoid of crisis is the only possible breeding ground for meaningful development.

On the national issues, the council was of opinion that the recent surge in the attack and subsequent abduction of students from government and private schools in some parts of the country is a worrisome development.

The country is losing out on two ends; huge amount of money allegedly being collected by the kidnappers from government and individual covers, as well as long term effects on the educational development of the affected areas.

Federal government should not relent in its effort to put an immediate end to this ugly situation and national embarrassment. Kidnapping on this massive scale should not be allowed under whatever pretext.

At the home front, the Council recognized the various masses-oriented programmes and projects being carried out by the State government. These, we appreciate in no small scale.

But as a matter of urgency, we are imploring the State government to do more in alleviating the economic hardship being experienced by the civil servants by adequately and promptly pay the salaries and other entitlements as at and when due to boost their efficiency and productivity.

The Council also recognized and give kudos to the State government on the improved security situation of the (Ondo) State, more grease to your elbow. Also we are encouraging the State government to employ more hands into the State’s civil service.

In doing this, serious consideration should be given to the employment of Arabic and Islamic teacher into our various public schools in the State.

On drug issue, NDLEA has being trying at various ports in the country, such intensive efforts should be replicated at the grassroot level as the effects of hard drug is too endemic on our youths.

Finally, Provision of employment opportunities for the youths should be a watch-word for all governments as meaningfully engaging the youths will go a long way in reducing their restlessness.

Also, the religious leaders must work together in salvaging the country through their commitment, prayers and advice. Also they should work together for the peaceful co-existence of country.

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