Akoko agog as ex-Defence Minister, Tokunbo Kayode buries 96yr-old mother in-law

Akunnu Akoko in Akoko Northeast local government area of Ondo state on Thursday and Friday, last week agog and played host to eminent Nigerians as a Former Minister of Defence and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode buried his mother in-law, Mrs Wonuola Olufoye after she spent 96 impactful years on earth.

The funeral ceremony held in Akunnu Akoko, hometown of the matriarch witnessed a convergence of Dignitaries including associates of the ex-Minister of justice and Attorney General who joined the family to honour the deceased.

St Andrew’s Anglican church , Akunu Akoko was venue for the funeral service of late Mrs Wonuola Olufoye who joined the saints triumphants at age 96.

The nanogenerian was mother in law to Mr Adetokunbo Kayode who served  the Government of Nigeria as cabinet minister in four different positions, Culture and Tourism, Labour, Attorney General and Minister of Justice as well as Minister of Defence.

The service attracted clergy and prominent individuals from the entire Akoko land as they described deceased as a virtuous woman worthy of emulation.

After the internment service was conducted for the remains to be commited to mother earth, attention shifted to the Akunnu grammar school field where guests were entertained.

Some associates of the former minister and family members including a former Majority leader of the Ondo state House of Assembly, Hon Araoyinbo, were joined by some traditional rulers in Akokoland to honour the departed mama.

Late Mrs Wonuola Olufoye born in 1925 was an industrious woman, who regardless of her educational attainment ensued she positively touched the lives of anyone that she met in her lifetime.

Mrs Funmilola Kayode, daughter of the deceased and her husband Mr Adetokunbo Kayode described late Mrs Olufoye as an epitome of good virtues and said her motherly care would be missed greatly.

Prince Adetokunbo said, “She was a very kind woman and I enjoyed a very special relationship with her, maybe because my mother is from Akunu, every important person in Ikaram married from Akunu, my wife also is from Akunu, we a are all close, kind of traceable,maybe a long distant cousin, basically I spoke with her First before I spoke with my wife, when I saw her(my wife) basically I parked my car And went straight to the house and said I am looking for your daughter she said okay..in fact I heard her (my wife) name first from her (mother).

“She called her and said Funmi someone is looking for you.

“She now said that where are you from..that this face looks familiar.. I mentioned my mother’s name … She said Haaa…Great woman..that was all

“She was very kind very nice, motherly,she never complained about anything,she doesn’t make demands from anybody she never asked me for anything in this life.

“I have been married now for 35 years she never asked for anything. Anything you gave her she would be grateful, she would give thanks; and She courtesy to great me. You know what that means for an old woman who’s old enough to be your mother to bend down to greet you always. She was that kind of person

“Those are the quality of humility kindness that conviviality for someone to be nice to people just give the impression.she was always  worried about people without being over worried and she always give you confidence when you see her and she always send something ..even if it’s “iru” (locusts bean) or whatever something small. She’ll always have a gift

“So it’s always a great pleasure to stop in Akunnu on my way to Ikaram on my way and say hello to her,” Adetokunbo said.

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