My new song ‘Big God’ & my wife’s death — T-Josh Babatope

Ace singer, songwriter and Band leader popularly known as T-Josh Babatope has released his brand new album titled ‘Big God‘ for online streaming and download.

The two-track album is an expression of Tjosh’s unusual blend of highlife and juju music in delivering a melodic gospel message.

The two tracks as Produced by Tobi Aluko (La techs), are; Mighty God and Lilly of the valley.

Narrating his ordeal, the musician told reporters that “Last year, May 16, I lost my lovely wife, she was fine, no sickness whatsoever.

I just came back home and met her bodies helplessly dead after coming back with my daughter from the market she sent me.

I was angry with my self, asking God that why should this happen to me? Later I realize God cannot be blamed. He is a God that answers all prayers at the same time.

I later received a message to keep praising Him after all that happened.

There was where the inspiration of G-Nla ( Big G ) came into my mind that is in english Big God. The G is God who is Mighty than all gods . and he is everywhere doing wonders to those who believe in him.

When you listen to the Song , there is a part that says G nla and G kekere. It is a wide comparison between the two Gs.”

Speaking further on the new album, T-Josh Babatope said “For the LORD our God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward.

We serve a Big God that answers all prayers at the same time. Therefore Fans and Friend together let’s download this wonderful praise medley. Love you all and God bless.”

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