Amotekun Corps didn’t have court order to close our Premises —Bola Komo

The management of Bola Komo Ventures, Akure has officially reacted to the shut down of the premises by security operatives.

Below is the full text of the official reaction;

On the morning 4th Sept. 2021 at about 8a.m the Ondo State Security Network Command, Amotekun stormed the premises of Bola Komo Ventures Akure in a gestapo style operation and sealed up the business premises.

No cogent reason was given to the invasion and sealing off of the premises. No order from the court of law or any document was presented.

All occupants and those residing within the premises were chased out. The business premises has different sections; the bar and lounge (which they claim is the target of their sealing off) is in a different part of the premises entirely from the other sections of the business that were affected.

Like the medicine store, fashion school, agency banking, eatery, coffee shop, car wash, beauty school, spa and spaces let out to other concerns to carry out their business were affected.

There are also numerous individuals attending training programs in order to acquire different skills under the skill acquisition and empowerment program. It is note worthy that the Amotekun Corps was created to enhance the security of indigenes of
Ondo State.

They are expected to provide overall security generally and ensure specifically that the attacks of the notorious herdsmen are put in check and contained, yet the only place you find them within Akure, the state capital, is harassing, molesting and intimidating honest and all law abiding citizens going about their Normal businesses.

This new dimension, introducing them to settle political scores against perceived political opponents, which in this case is unfounded, amounts to cross abuse of power.

The Ondo State government while not creating employment on the engagement of steaming
young in any form of vocational training actively target our organization which has been
spending it’s own hard earned money in the training of young entrepreneurship, capacity
building, providing start up ground to more than 150 youth (which is over 25 of them currently in various training programs) the program also includes widows engaged in petty business and trading.

The invasion of the premises, the chairman and her family were prevented by the Amotekun
Corps from returning to their residential quarters, which is within the premises of Bola Komo
Ventures, they are presently squatting with friends.

The other businesses and the tenants are prevented from carrying out their businesses and earning a living and trainees and widowed are prevented from going ahead with their programs.

The big question is: the sealing off and locking out the occupants of Bola Komo premises without any order from the court of law or written authorised notice, lawfully procedure to adopt when investigating issue of likely security breach(which is the present case is baseless) as no suspect has ever been arrested for any criminal offense since our resumption of operation in 2019.

One would have thought the Amotekun operatives would have apprehended the suspects that they were keeping under surveillance. Threat to breach of security cannot be used as a cover up to violate the right of any citizen(being individual or corporate). The rule of law must be respected at all times by all agencies created by law.

We remain focused in our quest to achieve our goals through constitutional means and have the
draconian act of abuse of power and oppression legally redressed.

To the victims affected by these illegal operations particularly those leasing space for carrying out their businesses within the complex, we regret the inconveniences caused by the rash action of the Amotekun Corps, we urge them to be patient as justice will be done at the end of the day.

It is very surprising that a place where there several police officers on standby has become a Haven of criminals as claimed by Amotekun.

The claims of Amotekun commander and that of the Commissioner for Information differ, the Commissioner said that the premises have been on profiling for months, but Amotekun commander said a suspected ATM criminal was pursued to the place.

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