NICN Chief Registrar Olurotimi Williams-Daudu makes donation to AAUA Law faculty

The Chief Registrar of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN), Olurotimi Williams-Daudu has donated some books to the Faculty of Law at the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State.

According to Williams-Daudu, the achievements recorded by the faculty in recent times, prompted him to donate the books and encourage the Dean, Associate Professor Olugbenga Samuel Oke to do more.

He said he is always motivated to give back to the society. “I know the value of giving back to the society. I went through the trajectory of life that has taught me to always remember the needy and always give a helping hand to that person who is in need”.

Speaking further, Williams-Daudu said, “I had a discussion with the faculty to give me their needs. You know sometimes, you give things that people don’t need. The university gave me a list of the book that they need and thankfully, we were able to get at least, 90 percent of those books they need.
This is just the first in the series. By the grace of God, I will do more. More donations will come to the faculty”.

The Chief Registrar advised the students to be more focused and read wide. “Like we say in the legal circle, a lawyer is as good as his library. In other words, a student will be as good as the resource materials available to him or her.

He explained further that, “they have a lot of dedicated teachers in the faculty. Dr. Oke is exemplary. I follow his legal clinic and wonderful job that he is doing. Not just in Nigeria. He has taken it beyond Nigeria. So, the Faculty of Law at the Adekunle Ajasin University is blessed to have a personality like Dr. Oke leading them right now”.

The Dean of the faculty, Olugbenga Samuel Oke, who received the books, described the gesture as laudable contribution to the faculty.

He described the materials donated as books that are urgently needed at the faculty. “They are books that we need at this time that we are working towards accreditation and again, they are current books that will really enrich our library and aid our students in their study. So, this is a great contribution to us and we are very happy that somebody on his own just decided to donate these books to the faculty”.

He encouraged other privileged Nigerians to emulate Williams-Daudu and support the faculty in different ways. According to him, “we need so many things. We need books. We need materials. We need buildings. We need vehicles to run some of our programmes and we need funds for our research and many other things”.

Williams-Daudu had earlier donated 2,000 exercise books to about 400 students in a public secondary school in the state.

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