Indigenes, UUDA Rejoice as Olupele-Elect, Olusegun Aganun sets for Installation

Few days to his installation, Sons, Daughters and Residents of Ipele town in Owo local government area of Ondo State have congratulated The Olupele-Elect, High Chief Victor Olusegun Aganun (JP) on his emergence as the new monarch of the community.

The indigenes under the umbrella of  the United Upele Development Association (UUDA) said the selection of High Chief Aganun was divinely made.

In a Congratulatory Letter to the new Ruler and a copy made available to newsmen, the Association’s Secretary-General, Dr Raman O. Abubakri, said, “l have been directed by the Executive Council of the United Upele Development Association to congratulate you on your success in the recently concluded lpele Obaship Selection/Election process.”

Oba Victor Olusegun Aganun will be on Saturday 30th April, 2022 traditionally installed as the Olupele by traditional High Chiefs in the community.

The State Executive Council had recently approved the selection of Oba Aganun while Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu will soon present Staff of Office and Instruments of Office to the new monarch.

In the Congratulatory letter, “We know certainly and undoubtedly that all powers belongs to God, and He chooses whom He wants to lead. Thus, we beseech the Lord Almighty to grant you the wisdom and knowledge required for leading lpele Kingdom and  lining the town to an unprecedented level of development, Amen.

“On memory lane Kabiyesi lpele over the last eight years of interregnum, has suffered incalculable losses: The financial entitlements of Olupele payable by the Owo Local Government Authorities have been missed. Besides, lpele sons and daughters have lost employment opportunities derivable from the local, state and federal governments’ parastatals, ministries and agencies.

“In addition, lpele has passed through series and stages of trials, tribulations, acrimonies, disorganized social-economic structures, grabbing of lpele natural resources by some individuals among others.

“Absence of Olupele since the demise of late Oba Alade has opened the floodgates for criminality insecurity plundering and seizure of lpele economic resources by indigenes and non-indigene. All these call for stock-taking, fence-mending, corrections and peace-building.

“Rescuing Ipele from all the listed challenges requires courage, sound health and Providential support which we humbly beg God to grant you Amen. We pray that your reign will witness an avalanche of opportunities for re-organisation of all the sectors of lpele and bless you with reliable human resources and well wishes who will support you to record an unprecedented success which the present and future generations will learn from as history. Amen.

“Kabiyesi, we hereby pledge our allegiance and loyalty to you as the traditional leader of homeland, Ipele. We hereby assure you of our unflinching support in all ramifications,” the letter reads.

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