Amotekun: Don’t be distracted with PDP rants —APC tells Akeredolu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State is appalled by the criminal mockery of the popular efforts of the State Government to keep the Sunshine State safe for all, irrespective of religious or political sympathy.

The party is particularly disappointed in the People Democratic Party (PDP) for delving yet into another show of puerile radicalism, and strove (to no avail) to demoralize the enviable commitment of the APC-led Government to security concerns.

This is contained in a statement issued by the spokesman of the party, Alex Kalejaye in a Press statement made available to SUNSHINETRUTHNG in Akure.

Kalejaye said, “It is pertinent to remind residents of Ondo State that the sincerity of the Ondo the State Government, under the leadership of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, on the all- important issue of security, is being well celebrated by Nigerians, home and abroad. It is therefore disheartening that the PDP could trivialize same for political gains.

“The great strides of Amotekun, working in conjunction with security agencies, have been variously acknowledged. The peace of mind, safety on our roads, and honour attracted to the State therefrom, are indicators that the vision and investment into the project have been justified.

“We want to specially acknowledge, and appreciate the recent donation of 30 motor bikes, as support to Amotekun, by the state organized labour.

“Although the PDP’s jejune attempt to ridicule the government crumbled on arrival, the APC calls on the discerning members of the public to be wary of the main opposition party’s baseless tales in future.

The State APC chapter advised the PDP to raise its standard of criticism above the current kindergarten level so the public could take it seriously.

The ruling party commends the efforts of the State Government and, indeed, the State Security Network, for the recent harvest of criminal elements at different locations within the State.

The APC urges the Government to discountance frivolous distractions, and sustain the ongoing applaudable efforts, to keep Ondo State a safe haven for investments.



When responsible governments are reeling out their achievements in the area of workers’ welfare on Workers’ Day, the Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN has perfected plans to deduct from source, salaries of Ondo State workers purportedly to fund the State’s Security Network, popularly known as Amotekun.

This evil plan is not unconnected with accolades the governor had received from some quarters for his efforts at confronting herdsmen menace in the state through Amotekun Corps. As much as we are still unable to sleep with our two eyes closed, the Governor has been sunning himself in the vain glory of a conqueror and is about to stretch his luck too far.

Ondo State workers are the most pauperised and traumatised in South West Nigeria, despite being the only oil producing state in the region. Salaries are not paid as and when due, and when paid at all, only fractions are paid. As at the last count, some workers received November, 2021 salary in April, 2022. This in itself is bad enough. Yet, Mr. Governor can have the audacity and effrontery to contemplate increasing the agony experienced by workers in the state.

A circular stating how much is to be deducted from all grade levels showed clearly that, the Governor is outrightly insensitive to the suffering workers. That the workers have been reduced to beggars to meet their daily needs mean nothing to the Imperial Governor as long as his N600m monthly security vote is first charge from the monthly allocation to the state. It will not matter as long as workers in the state have not been turned to scavengers. They should be able to manage.

Apart from Medical Doctors and other health workers that quit the employment of the state on a daily basis, there are other workers that have had to relocate to neighbouring states in search of better offers. The State Specialist Hospital, Akure now a teaching hospital and other health facilities in the state have all become ghosts of their former selves, courtesy of inhuman conditions under which people work and unpaid salaries. To now expect that, workers will be further tasked under whatever guise is most unacceptable and ridiculous. Unfortunately, the leaders of Organised Labour Unions, NLC and TUC have been compromised. Hence, no resistance is expected from these quarters. The workers are definitely on their own.

Is it the case that government is unable to sustain the funding of the Amotekun security outfit or it is another ploy to syphon the limited resources in the state?
What exactly does the Governor spend his huge security vote on, if he has to depend on sacrifices from workers to provide security for the state?

Is it the case that the economic and political Advisers of the Governor are already at their wit’s end that, they think the only thing left for them to do is to pounce on what is remaining of the workers’ salaries? That this policy has not been implemented for November, 2021 salary is not because government has had a rethink but simply because of some technicalities that boarder on computations.

The economy of Ondo state is powered by civil servants. It is this same class of persons that Akeredolu has treated with the highest level of disdain and callousness. We urge Akeredolu to be more frugal with handling of the finances of Ondo State, so as not to impoverish the workers further.

This series will continue shortly.

Alleged Deduction Of Workers’ Salary: Ondo PDP Seeking Attention, Lying With Arrogance

It has become imperative to expose the drowning Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State in its latest attempt to sell blatant lies and sponsor spurious allegations to the people of the state, especially as regards the welfare of workers.

The latest lie from the staple of the PDP is wrapped around an imaginary deduction of workers’ salary to fund Amotekun. As usual, the PDP is famous for twisting facts and disseminate falsehood to mask its dark intentions of hoodwinking the innocent members of the public.

While we concede to the PDP, its right to constantly dive into self-ridicule, it remains the responsibility of Government to continuously alert the public of deliberate falsehood under any guise.

To set the record straight, the Ondo State Government has no plan of deducting workers’ salary for any purpose. Rather, the Governor Akeredolu -led Administration has continued to show commitment and prioritize workers’ welfare in the last five years.

The allegation of planned salary deduction is imaginary. It is an embarrassing falsehood fabricated by a party whose penchant for lies is legendary.

Obviously, the workers in the state through the organized Labour have shown commitment and support for Amotekun. The workers in their wisdom have voluntarily supported the state Security Network “Amotekun” with the donation of 30 motorcycles. The Government was grateful to receive this generous donation.

The PDP must have a heinous plot with its frequent attack on the progress and successes of the Amotekun corps. One would have expected that matters of security should cut across board irrespective of political differences.

The PDP takes delight in playing politics with the lives of the people. Its endless fabrication of falsehood to halt the success of Amotekun or discourage well meaning individuals from supporting the security network, is mind-boggling.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Government of Ondo State under the leadership of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, will continue to prioritize workers’ welfare.

Members of the public, especially the civil servants are , however, urged to disregard the PDP. There are no plans to deduct workers salary and clearly no circular was issued to that effect.

We challenge the PDP to publish or make public any circular on their imaginary deductions as claimed.

Richard Olatunde
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ondo State.
May 2, 2022.

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