Ondo West Constituency 2: A passionate plea for the right candidate

I have being watching with keen interest the increase in political activity as different aspirants continue to hustle and jostle for the sole right to be the candidate of our great party the All Progressive Congress (APC) Pretenders and Contenders alike. Unlike the situation in Ondo West Constituency 1 where around 20 aspirants have so far declared interest the Situation in Ondo West Constituency 2 is a bit calm with about 4 or 5 Aspirants and are mostly experienced campaigners with one or two fresh horns.

This might not be unconnected to the difficult terrain and the peculiarity of the Rural Community.

In recent history, the Constituency has being bedevilled by misrepresentation and underrepresentation in the past 24 years one of the critical reason for this is that the will of the people, the Most Popular and Acceptable Candidate never get the Nod.

The errors of 2019 was heavily paid for not just by the Party and leadership but by the entire people of the constituency. The consequence of electing or say imposing on the people was grievous.

With another round of candidate selection staring at us in the party, we should place the people’s will at the centre of our decision making process. We must look out for antecedent, pedigree and understanding of the terrain because of the difficulty and peculiarity of the constituency.

In selecting a candidate to represent the party, Taking into consideration the dwindling finances of the state and nation at large the house of Assembly member will need to be kind, vibrant, articulate, resourceful and more importantly have deep ties to the people to have any meaningful contribution to their growth and development. As a resident and an indegenous person who lives and has my source of livelihood from this constituency this is a passionate appeal to leadership to please make the right choice.

We know candidates will either emerge by consensus or by Primary election both ways we know will be deeply influenced by leadership of the party. I want to use this medium to call on his Excellency Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu to do due diligence on our aspirants and feel the pulse of the people to make the best choice.

We are disturbed by rumours that a certain aspirant from a different local government is being favoured by leadership, the argument that we practice Kingdom Politics in Ondo does not suffice here, that can be argued for political appointment. Ondo West Constituency 2 is traditionally marginalised in terms of political appointments, patronage and infrastructural development and the only thing that is constitutionally ours is the seat in the state house of Assembly let us atleast get it right. It will be detrimental to have a candidate who does not have familiar ties with the people, hence that’s another miss to the growth of the constituency.

I am are grateful for the leadership of the party in the Kingdom and quite believe in Party Supremacy.

God bless Nigeria
Long Live the APC
Adedeji Oluwaseun
Ward 5, Ondo West.

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