I’ll defend interest of students under NANS Ondo Axis —Chairman-elect, Temitope Sharp

NANS JCC ONDO AXIS: Ìgbà yí a ye wá!

Dear Comrades and Compatriots, this is the first time I will be writing to you after the official declaration by the Convention Planning Committee (CPC) as the winner of the NANS JCC ONDO AXIS CHAIRMAN election.

I do not take the trust, commitment and confidence shown to me at the polls today for granted. I have waited so long to witness a moment like this and I am glad it eventually materialized.

Your expectations and anticipations are for good governance and inclusiveness is well established, noticed and heard as I promise I will put FIRST all that concerns the student’s constituency.

However, as we navigate this path of success and even develop together, I welcome and I am open to suggestions, advice, and ideas that will transform our NANS JCC ONDO AXIS to its desired position.

Need I say to my co-contestants that the election is over and we must put aside the idea of being a member of an alignment or structure and work TOGETHER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NANS JCC ONDO AXIS which is our common interest.

Moving forward, I want to invite all Senators, Stakeholders and Comrades of NANS JCC ONDO AXIS and by extension in the diaspora to support us while we navigate the new phase.

Permit me to appreciate my predecessor, our previous Chairman of NANS JCC ONDO AXIS; Comr. Omotosho Surprise who before me had laid a good foundation for a greater NANS JCC ONDO

Consequently Helen Keller said “Alone we can do little; together we can do so much”, let’s join all forces together to reinvent the wheel of NANS JCC ONDO.

Comr. Akinola Elijah Temitope-SHARP

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