Ways out of Ikare incessant Unrest… by High Chief Adebisi Abraham

IKARE MAYHEM: Ensure Peace By Unity

From the desk of High Chief Adebisi Olanrewaju Abraham

It is with a burdened and troubled heart that I took my pen to finally write this open submission this morning with the hope that it would bring a speedy and final end to the lingering Ikare crises.

First, I want to thank the Government of Governor Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu that has repeatedly waded into this matter and has indeed set up a Peace committee to find a lasting solution to same.

It is sad that while this committee is yet to submit it’s report, another crises has erupted in town. As a citizen and a stakeholder who sleeps and wakes in this town, I have given great thoughts to finding a solution to this problem and without prejudice to the outcome of all the committees working on the crises, my recommendation is this

When I met with, Kabiyesi, the Olukare of Ikare Akoko shortly before my installation in 2021, he made it clear to me that his primary interest in the town was Peace. I spoke to Kabiyesi, the Owa Ale of Ikare-Akoko and he said Peace in Ikare was so important to him that he was willing to pay a courtesy visit to the Olukare as a friend of his late father.

I have spoken to other eminent sons and daughters of Ikare and the report is always the same, both Obas say they want Peace, everyone wants Peace, the question now is Why is there no Peace???

I think the snag is this, it’s one thing to talk of Peace inside the house, it’s another thing to talk of Peace openly
There is a saying that ‘seeing is believing ‘ the two Obas must come TOGETHER to address the town and declare their minds, they must be SEEN by all and sundry saying:
“We want Peace, anyone who forments trouble in Ikare land is not doing it for me or my throne, rather you’re doing it to damage the throne and stall development, , you will see the wrath of God and man if you forment or promote trouble in Ikare land henceforth…“

Let there be a great gathering comprising of representatives of Okada riders, Transporters, all the Chiefs, all trade unions, Women leaders, Youth leaders and even representatives of the Area boys
A neutral ground like the NIIMA events centre could be chosen, heavy security presence and Government representatives should be on ground
Once the two Royal father’s speak in One voice and POSSIBLY embrace each other, whatever peace recommendations agreed upon will yield fruit and this incessant crises will stop forever..

I wish the Government and all Ikare sons and daughters home and abroad who genuinely desire Peace can push for this to happen.

I did make same oral submission to the Government Committee in Akure and urged them to include it in their final recommendations, I have said same thing to Ikare Peace Agenda and all the other committees that I have met with.

Please, this to me will effectively CAP all other efforts by individuals, organizations and the Government.

Once again, I want to appreciate the past and ongoing efforts of the Government, Ikare Peace Agenda, our Rep. BTO, Ikare Descendants Forum, Bishop Bada, Chief Bola Fakorede, Carry Go and many others too numerous to mention

InshaAllahu, Ikare will witness the dawn of peace and development, we shall regain our lost glory, amen

Thank you all

High Chief Adebisi Olanrewaju Abraham, FIPMA, MREI(New Zealand)
The Alaja of Okegbe Ikare-Akoko and
Patron, Ikare Descendants Forum

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