The 19th Century American philosopher Williams James described the democratic temperament as comprising ‘a willingness to act ,the placing of communal good  ahead of private comfort, generosity toward one’s opponent and mutual  respect among citizens of different views points, races, genders, classes and religion.

Tellingly,  Prince Aderosoye Emmanuel aka Odundun Asode Dero has within  a short era in Ifedore politics redefined politicking. As a matter of fact, it is infused into his character and that is to the advantage of his people. So far, Aderosoye’s intervention has ranges from human capital empowerment, women and youth development, to helping  the vunarables and physical challenges  people through Aderosoye Fadola Charity Foundation that has provided equipment to Schools for the blinds in Ondo and Kwara states.

The foundation had also provided  food and medical relief to the people  during Covid 19. It also distributed uniforms, test books and writing materials to some selected primary pupils  in Ifedore Local Government presently.

A man rich in ideas of human empowerment is in the good books of His Excellency Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu (SAN). He has mastered the politics of Ifedore people. In terms of accessibility, he has demonstrated it. He is generous  to a fault; he usually attend to every  party member and leader requests regularly, request for assistance for house warming, naming cum burial ceremonies, setting up of small scale businesses for his people, distribution of farm inputs to farmers, payment of school fees and medical bills of under-privileged.

To be factual, when he was appointed as Director General Ifedore APC Campaign Council in the just concluded 2023 general election, some disgruntled elements went to the house of Engr Ade Adetimehin  the Party State Chairman and protested against his appointment by Mr Governor but Mr Governor struck to his gun.

He delivered Ifedore to APC with landslide victory (apologies to late Adisa Akinloye). A true Democrat, Aderosoye has an understanding of all times. He lost the Ifedore House of Assembly constituency primary in a controversial manner and he mobilised human and capital resources for the victory of his party’s candidate in the election.

Aderosoye as a golden boy, his triumphant entrance into Ifedore  politics  changed  the narrative  for Ifedore  Non Indigenes in terms  of promise fulfilled. They were empowered by Aderosoye Fadola  Foundation with capital and farm inputs to boast thier productivity.  Since to whom much is given much is expected they in return  came put enmass  to support and vote all APC candidates during  the just concluded general elections.

In ideal democracy, followership and political participation must always be subjected to scrutiny, He x-rayed the opposition  parties in Ifedore during electioneering and hijacked thier life wire nucleus members  to APC using carrots  and stick approach. This strategy destabilized the opposition parties and they fell flat.

Aderosoye Fadola reciprocated and appreciated the decampees through his empowerment initiatives, cars, motorcycles, and farm inputs were given to the decampees. To be factual, small scare businesses were set by Aderosoye Charity Foundation for those the foundation trained with cash to start thier businesses in Ifedore Local Government. It was Fiddel Castro said “Condenmade ,no importa,la historia mi absolveria ” in English it means ” Condemn me,it does not matter, history will absolve me.”

The post election dyspepsia and displacement by leaders who are inherently opposed to accountability and open door leadership and are envious of Aderosoye  gaint strides and cooked up anti party allegations

It collapsed like pack card and died in embrayeo. “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here” writes Shakespeare in The Tempest. The bard might have Ifedore Local dirge in mind ,at least as detailed in the frame up and Pull Him Down (PHD) petition written against him to the AIG zone 17 Akure by one Asani.

In the build up to the satanic plan, the petitioner authored a pamphlet and pasted it in Ilara mokin. In defence of his fundamental of human right as enshrined in 1999, Construction and Africa charter of human right he has taken the writer of the petition Asani and Police to court seeking an order of court for perpetual injunction restraining the police from arresting, detaining, harassing, molesting, threatening and intimidating all the applicants.


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