Ondo: Alhaji Saliu Adekunle gives financial support for new LCDA takeoff

Our very own Alhaji Saliu Adekunle (APC House of Reps Aspirant) has generously donated a whopping sum of 1 million naira towards the take-off of our LCDA ( Irun/Ogbagi Local Council Development Area) of Ondo State.

This remarkable act of kindness is a true testament to Alhaji Saliu Adekunle’s unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community. It is a reminder that when we come together and contribute our quotas, we have the power to achieve remarkable things. No endeavor is too small, as every contribution, whether big or small, adds up to the overall progress and development of our beloved community.

Let this inspiring gesture from Alhaji Saliu Adekunle serve as a motivation for each one of us to explore ways in which we can contribute to the development of our community. Remember, the government alone cannot do it all. Together, we can make a significant difference and create a brighter future for ourselves and the generations to come.

Thank you, Alhaji Saliu Adekunle, for your immense generosity and for leading by example. Let us all join hands and work towards a prosperous and thriving community for everyone.

Ibrahim Azeez O.
Resident of Irun/Ogbagi LCDA

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