Gbenga Fawehinmi Foundation donates kits to Okada riders, Traffic controllers in Ondo

….Engr Bally, FRSC hail initiative to reduce road crashes.

By: Promise Adagba

A Non-Governmental Organization named Gbenga Fawehinmi Foundation has distributed 1000 Jacket kit to Okada riders, including road safety in Ondo Town.

During the distribution on Thursday 9th November, 2023 in Ondo City, the Founder of the Organization, Gbenga Fawehinmi said the motive behind the initiative is to provide safety measures to the commercial motorcycle riders and also give them recognization.

Fawehinmi said the initiative started in 2016 to contribute to the society especially to help children become great leaders.

He pointed out that the organization aim to help parents also, thus distributing 1000 safety jacket Okada riders.

“The motive behind this initiative is because we wanted to assist the community, we wants to contribute our quotas to the society, that is why we felt we should give these kits to the Okada riders, it would help them in their safety and for recognization also.

“This project is not the first we had carried out, it’s a continuous one, this year, we had donated waste bins to some Communities, we make sure the waste management comes every week to take the dirt.

“The major vision of the organization is to help the kids in the society to be great leaders, we mentor them, we pay their tuition fees, we catch their minds to be better tomorrow.

“We felt we cannot take care of the children and neglect the parents, this year we decided that the Okada riders would be empowered”, the Founder said.

While he made it known that the organization is not a political foundation, Fawehinmi stressed that Okada riders should be careful while on the road especially during the forthcoming festive season.

“We are not into politics, but we cannot leave the work for the government alone and we cherish the safety of the Okada riders, that is why we are giving the safety jackets for free.

“To the traffic controllers, we are giving them kits because we value their lives, we are doing these not because of political views.

“We encourage the Okada riders to wear it, don’t put it at home, the safety of Okada riders would also be the safety of the passengers and passers by, know that you’re not wearing it for anybody but for the community,” he said.

Speaking during the programme, the Ondo Area commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Joseph Ajayi, lamented incessant road crashes involving okada riders, expressing the hope that the gesture by the Gbenga Fewehinmi Foundation would go a long way in protecting the commercial motorcyclists; “we do record at least two motorcycle accidents in a day in Ondo area.”

While Ajayi applauds the initiative, warned motorcyclists be mindful of their safety on the road and shun night e  he commenty that commercial motorcycle riders should reduce night work.

“In Ondo Town we do record at least two Accidents in a day that always involve commercial Motorcycle riders, the cause of this is because our riders do not follow road safety measures.

“The jackets would go a long way, we would be able to recognize Okada riders here, also they need to start using their helmets and gloves”.

The commander also highlighted various tips for road safety.

“Do not call or receive calls during work (while riding), desist from drinking alcohol while riding or before riding, do not ride when you’re tired or feeling asleep, always use helmet while riding, Okada riders should monitor any fault in their motorcycle, and also our Okada riders should avoid over speeding, over loading is also a major cause of Accidents in recent times.”

Also at the programme, the Guest Speaker, Engr Ayotunde Bally said that the initiative would reduce road accident.

“By the time these kits would be given to our Okada riders, I believe that the rate of road accident would reduce drastically.

“90% accident is always due to human factor, most times, December do witness high rate of accidents, the sharing of this kit would reduce death rate (of okada riders on road).

“What Gbenga Fawehinmi Foundation is doing today is in line with sustainable development goal,” he added.

Bally further solicited that there should be more traffic signs to direct the Okada riders.

While responding one of the beneficiaries, Michael Olaniran, commended the founder of Gbenga Fawehinmi Foundation for the kind gesture,saying the initiative should be complimented with rehabilitation of bad roads to prevent incessant road crashes.

“We are glad about this kit that was given to us, if we have someone also that can compliment this with an helmet, we will be glad as well.

“We also need our government to reconstruct our bad roads, if our roads are good, accidents would not be rampant,” the beneficiaries.

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