Dorian Home Founder, Dr Tolulola Bayode builds Mosque for Abuja community

The founder of Dorian Home For Charity and Social Development, Dr Tolulola Bayode has built a mosque for the Yoruba Muslims community in Iddo Seriki along Abuja Airport.

The mosque has been presented to the muslim community at a colourful event.

Although not present at the event, the Dorian home founder said the gesture was done to assist the community in Iddo Seriki.

According to her, the mosque will no doubt give opportunity to the muslim community to have a place of worship.

She added, “As a Christian who looks beyond religion when it comes to charity, I have donated a Mosque to the Yoruba Muslims Community in Iddo Seriki, AMAC, Airport Road Abuja.

“As someone called to make the world a better place through charity, my commitment transcends religious boundaries., my goal is to make the world a better place through the universal values of love, empathy and compassion.

“I want my charity to uplift and inspire all men and women of goodwill. I want to promote religious harmony, I want people to feel my impact through charity”

Speaking, the Chief Imam of Iddo Seriki Yoruba mosque airport road Abuja commended the founder of Dorian home for her kind gesture.

He said Dr Bayode has demonstrated a rare and special love towards the muslim community which should be emulated by well to do Nigerians.

The cleric noted that the philanthropist, in spite of her religious affiliation, deemed it fit to build a Mosque for the Muslim community.

“This is not only noble, but highly commendable. We will continue to pray for her because she has demonstrated a rare gesture being a Christian.

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