Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle Lightens Owo Communities with 2024 solar lights project


The philanthropical nature of Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle towards effective and selfless services to Humanity had continue to gain another momentum.

In his bid to ensure acute brightness in the streets of the communities in Owo Local Government, Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle has lightened up these communities with his 2024 Solar Light Project.

Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle is an Ipele born Philanthropist who is always at the edge of serving Humanity with his God given resources. He is a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Owo and Ose local government areas.

The Nuel Ola Elehinle 2024 Solar Light Project was carried out across all the communities in Owo Local Government with the erection of 66 solar power light poles to brighten the streets at night.

Ipele which happens to be the cradle of Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle got 20 Solar Light. Owo, being the headquarters of the local government was given 9 while Iyere and Uso got 6 each. Other communities such as Ijebu, Idasen, Upenmen, Isuada and Emure Ile got 5 Solar Light each.

In Uso communities, the subordinate villages that benefitted from the NUEL OLA ELEHINLE SOLAR LIGHTS PROJECT were Health Centre, Adafin camp and Onikoko camp. Others include Oke camp and Odofin Adejuyigbe camp.

In Ipele community, Nuel Ola Elehinle Solar Light were mounted at Ujan street, the famous Lala junction that connects the Ipele township to to farmsteads and Ilana street. In order to enhance the workforce of the Nigerian Police and the workers in the Health Centre, Solar Light were also erected at the junctions of Police Station and Health Centre. The solar light will brighten up the environment of these significance places.

The streets of the palaces of Oliyere of Iyere and Ojomoluda of Ijebu-Owo were beneficiaries in Iyere and Ijebu-Owo.

In Upenmen, the solar lights were situated at the Upenmen roundabout and the palace of the Olupenmen palace.

First and Second Isuada junctions and the Asuada palace in Isuada shall no long witness darkness at night courtesy of the Nuel Ola Elehinle Solar Light Project.

In Emure Ile, Elemure palace and his courtyard received solar light poles. Some streets were also gifted with this project.

Owo town, the headquarters of Owo Local Government received the project. Some of these solar power poles were mounted at Aboludo street and CAC-Igboroko. Owo Recreation Club at Oke Ogun before State General Hospital also benefited from the project alongside with other streets in Owo.

The villagers of these camps and residents of the towns expressed their immense joy and gratitude to Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle for counting them as part of the beneficiaries. They express that the solar lights shall go a long way to brighten their camps and make it more habitable.

They lauded Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle as a man of the people who is kind at heart to have considered providing succour to one of the challenges affecting the community.

It is significant to say that the Solar Light poles were not only erected in towns. Villages and camps that are in the interiors of these communities considerably benefited from the Solar Light Project.

At the inception of this Project, the kings and traditional leaders of these communities were contacted and informed, hence, they gave the modalities for the erection of the Solar Light poles in their respective communities.

It is very vital to note at this juncture that the Nuel Ola Elehinle Solar Light Project is not limited to communities in Owo Local Government alone. This is just the First Phase of the Project, similarly, the Second Phase of the Solar Light Project shall focus on communities in Ose Local Government starting from early next year by the special Grace of God.

The traditional leaders of this communities expressed their immense gratitude to Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle, thanking him profusely for his heart of gold and for helping them lightening up their streets. At the palace of Oliyere of Iyere, Kabiyesi, Oba Alaba Adako, the king expressed his gratitude to Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle, describing him as a man of purpose and a gift to humanity.

In addition, the Asuada of Isuada, Kabiyesi Oba Joel Oluwafemi Adeluwoye stated that Nuel Ola Elehinle is rare amongst men, he further expressed that the good people of Asuada solemnly appreciate him for this project and the provisions of the Almighty God shall continuously be upon his resources.

Similarly, other monarchs such as the Oloba of Uso, Asuada of Isuada, Olupenmen of Upenmen as well as Ipele Traditional Chiefs all appreciated Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle for this magnificent project he brought to their doorsteps.

Without mincing words, the Nuel Ola Elehinle 2024 Solar Light Project has lots of significant benefits. The communities that benefited from this project shall surely have testimonies to share in the coming days. First, the Solar Light shall brighten the streets, thereby paving ways for easy movement of residents at night. Moreso, the Solar Light shall boost sales of goods and commodities. It shall enhance business enterprise as business owners can now display their goods in the street under the light propelling them to sell further into the evening. This will no doubt boost sales of these traders and the economy of the communities. Also, the Solar Light shall expose some people that are always bent on orchestrating heinous activities in the dark. With the erection of the solar poles and the streets shining to their full brightness, there shall be no hiding place for these criminal to perpetuate thier crimes.

Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle has emphasized that the Solar Light Project is basically towards the service of Humanity. He maintained that the communities need to be lightened up especially in a moment like this where there is always shortage of Power supply. He emphasized that solar energy is a considerable substitute.

He also noted that this Project was laid in his heart as part of his commitment to serving the people in his God given capacity.

“This is just the first Phase of this Solar Light Project. At the moment, we are focusing on the communities in Owo Local Government and by God’s grace, we’ve touched almost everywhere within the local government. The Second Phase of the solar project shall kick off early next year and we shall make Ose Local Government as our centrepiece.”

Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle further added: “Our projects are peoples’ oriented and centred. We are always working out on ways to ameliorate the challenges of the people and how to ceaselessly provide succour and solace. This is another of those projects we believe will be our little contribution to sustaining our environment and making it a befitting place to live”

For the record, the benevolence of Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle had been on the tracks. He has been phenomenal in the procurement of chairs, desks and tables for schools across Owo and Ose local governments. Similarly, during the height of the COVID 19 global pandemic, Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle rolled out palliatives ranging from food times, cash and other relieved materials. In ensuring quality education amongst secondary schools, Nuel Ola Elehinle has been monumental in organising symposiums, workshops and seminars for teachers and students across public schools in Owo and Ose local governments.

The 2024 Solar Light Project is therefore an addendum to the array of projects been embarked upon by Hon Nuel Ola Elehinle.

As he continues to write his name amongst the stars, Nuel Ola Elehinle remains unswerving in making sure that the peoples of Owo and Ose enjoy a worthy living. He is on his toes in ensuring his that communities and towns benefit accurately from his projects.
He assured the people that by God’s grace, he shall leave no stone unturned in rendering this selfless services to Humanity whenever the opportunities call for them.

Nuel Ola Elehinle thereby appreciated the communities and the traditional leaders in Owo Local Governments for the acceptance of the Solar Light donations as he assured that more visible projects shall always come by in due period.

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