Ondo 2024: My strength in the grassroots, Olusola Oke advocates Direct primary in APC

The gubernatorial aspirant of APC in Ondo state, Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, has said that his strength in the next gubernatorial primary is in the grassroots of the party.

He said this at a meeting he held with the Olusola Oke Grassroot Vanguard at the Akure South Local Government campaign headquarters.

Oke said that with the introduction of direct primary by the leaders of the party, relevance is now returned to its members at the grassroots.

Oke said he represents the struggle and aspirations of the grassroots of the party and the masses of Ondo state.

“I represent the struggle of our people and the grassroots of our party. I make a pledge to you today that the main focus of our administration shall be centred on policies that will impact on the life of the people of Ondo state and the welfare of our party members shall be prioritised”

“I thank the leaders of our party at the national particularly the leader of our party and president of Nigeria Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for returning the party to the grassroot.”

Oke said the people should focus on issues of capacity, competence, and his personality.

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