Ondo 2024: Why I’ll be the next governor —APC Aspirant, Edema

A former representative of Ondo State in the governing board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), and APC governorship aspirant, Olugbenga Edema on Saturday insisted that he remains the best aspirant who should be the next governor of the state, considering his wealth of experience in governance and politics.

Edema stated this while featuring on TVC programme on Saturday said, “I met with the governor when Ilaje political leaders met with him and he said one of us from Ilaje would succeed him. I am the only one among those running for the governorship who was in that meeting.

“I stand on the pedestal of former parliamentarian that we want one of us to succeed him. I am the only parliamentarian who understands the plight of lawmakers.

“Many think our duty is to pass budget and go to sleep or need us when they want to impeach one person in government.

“Many of them don’t know we are part and parcel of government. Lawmakers are not allowed to have input into the budget or perform oversight functions.

“I left Assembly in 2015, since then our severance allowances have not been paid whereas other government functionaries have been paid. It is the resolution of the Assembly that one of us should succeed Akeredolu and I represent that face.

“I started politics during Babangida era. I was relatively young then. But I was at the Jos convention when late MKO Abiola was the candidate of SDP. As at then I was already a university graduate, I was not idle.

“If you want to hire someone as the head of your organization, you will look at his pedigree, his relevant experience in similar association. In the length of service, if I were to be in civil service I would have been a permanent secretary while some of them who joined in 2012 would still be in lower rung of the ladder.

“Aiyedatiwa has not told me about his ambition. I only heard about it on the media. Like I said if you want to hire somebody you will consider his certificate, you will look at the level of education.

“It is not just having a school certificate, but capacity to deliver on good governance.

“Many people are following me because they have ancillary ambitions.

Mr. President has not endorsed anybody. If he wants to select anyone of us, he will call us to a meeting like he did when Ondo State was in crisis over deputy governor and acting governor. The president would call the leadership of the party and hear them out.

“OSOPADEC was not a conduit pipe of the wife of the governor. Bemoore programme was parts of the scholarship schemes of the board. The beneficiaries are girl-child from Ilaje and Ese-Odo and they are verifiable.

“I paid bursary to students of mandate areas, set up microfinance bank. I would emerge as candidate and the leadership of the party will set up reconciliatory process in motion.”

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