Dr Tola Awosika officially returns to APC in Ondo

Philanthropist, billionaire businessman and Ondo State political Leader, Dr Tola Awosika, has made an official declaration to rejoin the All Progressives Congress (APC), after dumping the PDP recently.

This decision came as a result of careful consideration and in alignment with the aspirations of the people of Ondó State.

Dr Tola Awosika, a seasoned politician and respected community leader, brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the issues affecting the state. His return to the APC marks a significant boost to the party, as it showcases the growing support for their progressive agenda.

With the 2024 Ondó State elections on the horizon, Dr Tola Awosika’s decision to rejoin the APC is crucial in shaping the future of the state. His passion for development, commitment to good governance, and dedication to the welfare of the people make him an invaluable addition to the party.

According to a statement by his spokesperson, Prince Segun Adesemoye, Over the years, Dr Tola Awosika has demonstrated his ability to bridge gaps and foster unity among diverse groups. His leadership qualities and inclusive approach have earned him the respect and admiration of Ondó residents, across party lines. His return to the APC is a testament to his unwavering belief in the party’s vision for sustainable growth and progress.

The All Progressives Congress welcomes Dr Tola Awosika back with open arms, recognizing the immense value and potential he brings to the party. His extensive network and strong grassroots support will undoubtedly strengthen the APC’s position in Ondó State, securing a brighter future for its residents.

As we march towards the 2024 elections, the APC is committed to conducting a fair and transparent primary process. Dr Tola Awosika’s decision to rejoin the party further solidifies the APC’s commitment to inclusivity and the genuine representation of the people’s will.

The All Progressives Congress extends their deepest gratitude to Dr Tola Awosika for his bold decision to rejoin the party and contribute to the development of Ondó State. Together, we will build a prosperous and united Ondó, where every resident can thrive.


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