Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju partners OKOPA Landlord & Residents Association to Desilt gutters, Grade and Sand Fill Portions of Dilapidated Road in Ondo

Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju, Collaborates with OKOPA Landlord and Residents Association to Desilt gutters, Grade and Sand Fill Portions of Dilapidated Road

The member of the Ondo State House of Assembly from Ondo West 1 constituency, Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju has forged a collaborative effort with the Okopa Landlord and Residents Association to address the pressing issue of dilapidated road infrastructure within their community.

Recognizing the importance of safe and accessible roads for the well-being of the community, especially this road which is used to bring out farm produce, the partnership has undertaken the task of grading and sand filling portions of a severely affected road, aiming to enhance mobility and ensure the safety of residents.

In a demonstration of unrelenting commitment to the welfare of his constituents, Otunba Ogunwumiju’s collaboration has extended beyond mere maintenance. Notably, a critical section of a bridge, which posed imminent danger to the lives and properties of the residents, has been effectively repaired.

“By addressing this infrastructure deficiency, the repairs seek to alleviate the daily challenges faced by the community, enhancing a safer and more conducive environment for all. It is worthy to note & thank Mr Tayo Oyetibo SAN, a landlord who donated handsomely to the community project.

The efforts of Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju, in conjunction with the OKOPA Landlord & Residents Association stands as a testament to proactive governance and community engagement.

Abimbola Sodiq Oyetunde,

Special Assistant to Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju (Media & Publicity)

March 14, 2024.

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