Late Akintelure played politics without bitterness, Asiwaju Mandate Group mourns him

Asiwaju Mandate Group (AMG), a prominent social political group committed to the success of the All Progressive Congress in Ondo State and Nigeria in General has extended its heartfelt condolences to the family and associates of the late medical Doctor and gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the APC, Dr. Paul Akintelure, who passed away on Monday in Lagos.

In a statement signed by the Director General of the Group, Olumuyiwa Asagunla, he described Akintelure’s death as an unfortunate and irreplaceable loss, not only to his family, the APC, and the people of Ondo State but also to the entire nation.

The group emphasized Akintelure’s remarkable journey to prominence, highlighting his ascent to the top echelons of society through sheer hard work, brilliance, and unwavering diligence. Despite his political aspirations, Akintelure remained dedicated to using politics as a tool for positive social and economic change, rather than for self-aggrandizement or wealth acquisition.

“While Dr. Akintelure’s aspirations to govern Ondo State may not have come to fruition, his commitment to politics without bitterness reflects his genuine desire to deepen democracy and create a system that prioritizes the welfare of the masses over self-interest or wealth acquisition,” Asagunla remarked.

‘While we belief that the death of the Frontline politician is owed to God, we are deeply concerned about the circumstances preceding his death as it concerns threat to his life. Ondo state has enjoyed peace politically over the years and we belief that irrespective of our aspirations and political leanings, we are brothers and will not play politics with life. We enjoying all political gladiators to play by the rules and maintain peace’

“We take comfort in the knowledge that Dr. Akintelure lived a life of integrity, impacted many lives positively, and left behind a legacy of honour and goodwill. Our prayers are with his family, and we ask the Lord to grant him eternal rest and grant his loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.” the statement concluded.

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