Ondo 2024: Okada riders get free fuel as Musical Tours for Dr. Soji Ehinlanwo enter Day 2

…..Participating youths seek support for the APC Aspirant ‘DSE’

Dr. Soji Ehinlanwo DSE, one of the most valued governorship aspirants of All Progressive Party (APC) in the coming primaries slated for April 20, in Ondo 2024 elections, kick started a groundbreaking musical tours of the 3 senatorial districts of Ondo State Nigeria, on 16, April, 2024, lead by Ras Innovator (reggae musician, and world peace ambassadors, supporting UN on Peace, Diseases, Hunger etc.), stormed Ondo Central yesterday April 17, 2024 in day 2.

Fondly called the breath of fresh air, Iyanu A’sele, Ondo ti soji strongly believes he has got what it takes to conveniently occupy Alagbaka Government House, as he stands tall among other contenders in the coming elections in November 16, 2024.

It was joy galore as free fuel dispensed to his teaming supporters in Ore.

The children, youths and people spoke Unequivocally with scintillating dancing steps.

The shout of Ehinlanwo DSE, Iyanu A’sele, Ondo ti soji equally rendered the whole atmosphere in towns visited, like Akure, Idanre Alade, Idanre, Bolorunduro, Ile-Oluji, Ondo town, Akure, Odigbo and Ore among others.

Hearing this cheering news, as we are in a global village, Ondo South senatorial district with DSE belongs can’t wait.

The party should pick a very visionary and developmental minded candidate to govern the state in the primaries and general elections, while DSE says in affirmation, The breath of fresh air,Iyanu A’sele, Ondo ti soji and equivocally crowning it with The Audacity Of Faith.

In all as a democrat, I am very optimistic.

In his words, Ras Innovator says he is proud to be part of his friend, DSE political success, while keeping hope alive regarding the coming primaries and general election, Ondo 2024.
What a total sold out musical tours, Ras Innovator affirmed !

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