Senator Adegbonmire presents Bill to Upgrade FECA to Federal Agric Varsity in Akure

The lawmaker representing Ondo Central Senatorial District, at the National Assembly, Senator Adeniyi Adegbonmire, SAN, has presented a bill for the establishment of Federal University of Agriculture, Akure.

Adegbonmire said the Bill is vital to the development of the institution, Ondo State, and Nigeria at large.

The bill aims to upgrade the institution to a federal university, which will help address the agricultural gap in the state and country

The bill having passed through the First Reading on the floor of the House of Representative on Friday, May 9th, 2024 has also been presented to the Senate.

The Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, (FECA) was established in 1957 to develop the agricultural sector by training certified Agricultural assistants and middle-level manpower. The institution has produced many graduates who have contributed significantly to Nigeria’s agricultural development.

Upgrading the college to a federal university will enhance its capacity to produce highly skilled professionals in agriculture, boost food security, and promote sustainable economic growth.

Senator Adegbonmire said “his efforts to upgrade the institution are aimed at enhancing the quality of education and research in agriculture, producing highly skilled professionals in agriculture and related fields, boosting food security and self-sufficiency in Nigeria, promoting sustainable economic growth and development, and creating jobs and reducing unemployment”

“The upgrade of the Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, to a federal university will also Increase access to higher education in agriculture and related fields, ennhance the institution’s capacity to conduct cutting-edge research and innovation in agriculture foster collaboration and partnership with local and international organizations, provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture, support the implementation of the Nigerian government’s agricultural development policies and programs and enhance the institution’s reputation and recognition nationally and internationally.

“Overall, the upgrade of the Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, to a federal university will have a transformative impact on the institution, the local community, and the nation, and will contribute to the development of a more sustainable and food-secure future for Nigeria.”

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