Akoko Youths back Akeredolu on Oduduwa Republic, Ranching

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

…..warn Prof Akintoye against unguarded comment on Ondo Governor.

Youths from the four local government areas in Akokoland of ONDO state under the umbrella of the Akoko Youth Forum (AYF) have backed Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu over his stance on the agitation for Oduduwa Republic and establishment of Ranching in the state.

In a Press Statement signed by Barr Ife Ajibuwa on behalf of the group’s President and a copy made available to SUNSHINETRUTH, the Youths said the governor is enjoying their full support as elected number one citizen of Ondo state, warning secessionists led by Prof Banji Akintoye to leave the Governor alone to carry out best policies for the people of the state.

AYF said, “the social and print media have recently been repleted with continued attacks and counter attack on Governor Rotimi Akeredolu from some self-made, self-anointed, attention seeking, desperate, tactless, faceless and self-styled Yoruba leaders ably led by Prof Akintoye whose main agenda is secession in order to take possession of political power from the backdoor, which they couldn’t get legitimately and constitutionally in a united Nigeria.

“It has been keenly observed that this rabid usurpers and power mongers, will go any length including outright falsehood, blackmail, misinformation and disinformation, manipulation of facts and obvious truths, intimidation and bullying of everyone who share slightly dissident views to their secessionist movement and crazy withdrawal from Nigeria.

“It is on record that the Executive Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu was the first and only Governor in the Southwest and entire South to declare open war against illegal herders and marauders hiding under herding to commit various crimes and all forms of atrocities against the good people of Ondo State.”

The Akoko Youths also explained further that “recall that it was in the light of this, that the Governor issued a 7-day ultimatum that all illegal herders and occupants must vacate the Government Forest Reserves and get registered for proper record keeping, monitoring, profiling and of course protection and management of law abiding herders in the State, without particularly targeting or specifically having any ethnic group in mind.

“Furthermore, the Executive Governor of Ondo State was the major and fore-front initiator of the Regional Security Network Codenamed Amotekun, a security outfit responsible for curbing insecurity in south west region.

“Also recall that it was these same self-appointed Yoruba secessionist leaders, ably led by Prof. Akintoye and other emergency activists who started sing-praising and cheering Governor Akeredolu and posing to the media and international community as if that singular action by the Governor was part of a grand plot of the secessionists crusaders with Akeredolu to kickstart their tactless and unconstitutional Oduduwa Republic movement.

“Just because, the same governor that prioritises the security and economic welfare of his people clarified his position that secession, if at all is the way out in the avalanche of political, security and economic challenges facing Nigeria should be done and tailored after global and best international practices which include consultations, public education, opinion sampling and mobilization and ultimately referendum instead of thuggery, confrontation of constituted authorities, mindless intimidation and blackmail of our political leaders and traditional fathers above all falsehood and outright misinformation and disinformation; these avid power gluttons, who will capitalize on any happenstance to promote their selfish agenda and curry to themselves pity, loyalty and accolades from their i’ll-informed and misled followers took the Governor to media Golgotha.

“We unequivocally state here that Akoko, the largest local governments in Nigeria is in support of the Governor’s position on security of lives and properties, most importantly, the Cattle Ranching Project which Auga/Akunnu among other towns in Akoko will be principal beneficiaries.

“We know and believe that aside the fact that this will guarantee the security of lives and properties from marauders posing as herders; killing, kidnapping, raping among other wicked and nefarious activities, it will bring social and economic growth to our people and provide employment for our teeming youths.

“The position of the Governor was clear. He said ‘No part of Ondo State will be ceded to foreigners under whatever guise’ and we are reiterating further to that effect that ” Pastoralism/Animal husbandry/Agriculture is not an exclusive preserve of an ethnic group.

“Hence, the cattle ranching project which will be controlled and managed by Akoko People in collaboration with Ondo State Government is welcomed”.

“Cattle Ranching Project will facilitate economic advancements, commercial values and infrastructural developments to the community. We have the land terrain. The ranches have been there in Auga and Akunnu Akoko for years, it only needs resuscitation.”

The group said the initiative would create employment opportunities for Youths.

“It will not only create job opportunities for our youths, it’s an investment in growing our economy and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all our residents.

“Anyone who tries to mischievously twist or opposes such development and growth is a putrefactive retrograde and such person(s) apparently becomes an enemy of Akoko and Ondo State as a whole.

“Akoko community is a land filled with people of great and diverse intellectual acumen. In fact excelling in all circumstances is so deeply entrenched in an average Akokian psyche. We are therefore highly incentivised to avoid shame linked to failure or recklessness.

“Rather tellingly, we know what is best for us. We voted in the Governor to represent us and be our vocal pinnacle. We are cautious not to make the blunder that was made by our neighboring community(Ilaje/EseOdo) during the previous administration in which a gigantic refinery and petrochemical project worth of ($9bn) proposed by Dangote Group was rejected and taken to Lagos state due to the selfish interest and ineptitude of the past administration. I’m certain that if another opportunity is given, the youths of the community will not fold their arms and let it slide.

“We hereby sound a note of warning to Prof Akintoye and his group to face their secessionist agenda and leave Governor Akeredolu alone so that he can face governance. Governor Akeredolu does not in anyway pose any threat to lawful assembly and Associaton,” said Ife Ajibuwa(Esq) for the Akoko Youth Forum.

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