Birthday: Oseniyan Forwarders celebrate ex–Ondo Speaker, Taofeek Abdulsalam

Birthdays come once in a year, so we take opportunity of today to celebrate a quintessential Leader, a legal luminary, an astute politician and an enigmatic personality RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE (former Speaker, Ondo State House of Assembly) politically known as OSENIYAN, as he attains a new age today.

Many will attest to your rare virtues of humility, modesty, calmness and unassuming disposition yet unwavering commitment and eagle-eyed focus in the pursuit of common good.

Your unique leadership style, your service to humanity and genuine love for the people are inspiring and worthy of emulation.

Sir, may you remain a pillar of trust, love and leadership in the years to come, as you have always been and even better, for your family and everybody surrounding you.

Commenting on the gesture, RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE ‘OSENIYAN’ said his decision to bless the youths of his Federal Constituency (Akoko North) and his followers nation wide was borne out of his gratitude to God and the goodwill of youth who are the fulcrum of his fan base.

He said, “God has been faithful to me. He has blessed me with good health and grace more than you can imagine. Aside from giving God thanks in my closet, this little gestures to the youths and my followers is also a way of appreciation to God.”

He has been praised from many sectors for fighting for Nigerian people whose rights and voices are trampled into the dust. He has been in the fore front fighting for the right of ordinary citizens.

But his greatest accolade in humanitarianism came through his foundation; OSENIYAN FOUNDATION, through which he has rendered countless philanthropic services to humanity. He has also given out to youths and women many empowerments.

RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE ‘OSENIYAN’ personal philosophy reflects; discipline; hard work; creative intelligence; goal setting and planning and talent recognition. He believes in human capacity development; boldness; commitment to democratic ethos and respect for ethics. His personal lifestyle reflects humility, integrity and modesty.

RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE ‘OSENIYAN’ is a mentor to many young Nigerians; he has been involved in many youth development projects and mentorship programs.

He was instrumental to the establishment of AKOKO YOUTHS IN POLITICS (AYIP), a platform that encompass all politically inclined youths in Akoko land, which help to discover, develop and deploy young creative Akoko youths for economic development of their communities, as it is targeted at finding solutions to problems of poverty, building human, social, financial and environmental assets that enables youths and communities to exert control over their lives and participate in building community prosperity in meaningful and effective ways.

The initiative is meant to harness local talents and be their source of support to enable them improve their lives, enhance excellence and reinforce their commitment to society.

The organization, pursuant to its objective has led many initiatives focused at rebuilding Akoko as a nation.

RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE ‘OSENIYAN’ believes that ‘’a country, whose youths are visionless, propelled by blind ambition of self aggrandizement and delusion of grandeur, can only be a curse rather than a blessing’’ And that ‘’every society and community should cherish her youths, because, it is on their shoulders that the continued survival of the communities rest.”

RT HON ABDULSALAM TAOFEEK OLAWALE ‘OSENIYAN’ has received countless foreign and local recognitions from various reputable organizations.



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