Arowolo bows out of The Hope newspaper @60

By Kayode Afolabi, Akure

…….. Family, friends, Colleagues send goodswill message

The Head of Circulation, Owena Press Limited, publisher of The Hope Newspaper, Mr Arowolo Afolabi, has been described as a complete gentleman who is understanding in term of human relation

The Editor of The Hope Newspaper, Mr. Akindele Adubuola, gave this description while wishing him a Happy birthday and also bowing out of service.

Adubuola said, “He is someone I look forward to meet, everyday for his kind human nature.

“We’ve been working together for over 20 years, and ever since then, I have never heard him having a disagreement with another person just for a day.

The Editor, therefore, on behalf of the entire Staff and Management of Owena Press Limited, Publishers of The Hope Newspaper, wish him a belated birthday.

In the same vein, Former Chairman, Vendors Association of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter, Prince Olateju Kenny Adesina, who also wish the celebrant a special and excellent birthday, described him has one of the experience and the oldest one the Association have, working in a Newspaper industry presently.

“In Akure I usually called him brother Aro because l passed through him when l was working with vanguard Newspaper and later got transfer to Akure, he is a tolerating and disciplined man.

“Whenever the Association had any misunderstanding he usually come to rescue us.

Earlier, the celebrant Mr Arowolo Folorunsho Afolabi, popularly known as, “Baba Aro” while speaking on his retirement, thanked God for everything he has done for him from the Genesis of his life to where he is today.

Narrating the journey so far with Newsline NG, Arowolo said, “though the journey was rough, full of ups and downs but one with God is a majority. “I thank God for what he has done for me for the past 60yrs.”

Mrs Afolabi, wife to the celebrant wished her husband a happy birthday, described him as a man of integrity, peace and trustworthy with free mind to people, not a betrayal and having delight in other people’s progress.

Meanwhile, other staff members wished him a Happy birthday at 60,even as he retires from the service of Owena Press Limited.

Below are the Excerpt;

Mrs Agbede, (Staff at The Hope Newspaper)

Chief Aro as I fondly call him is a humble man, gentle , generous, amiable, respectful to everybody who come across him, very accommodating. He is a cheerful giver , for over 25yrs of working together I didn’t see him having grudges with anybody, always smiling.

“I pray that God in His own Mercy will give him long life to reaps the fruits of his good labour with good health, Long life sir Igba Odun Odun kan ni o”.

Femi Atolagbe (Staff at The Hope Newspaper)

“Baba Aro as fondly called is a father to all, very accommodating, peace maker. He is a good Adviser, mentor to me personally, the saying that problem shared is half solve fit into baba perfectly, because when u get to him with any problem after his admonishing it will look as if you have no problem.
I learnt a lot from him, I wish him Happy Birthday. ”

Kayode Olabanji, (Staff at The Hope Newspaper)

Baba Aro as fondly called, is a man of dignity, he does not discriminate, despite his position, he will not use that to oppress you, despite the age, he worked diligently.

He communicates with you like you are age mates, and plays with everybody. He will never support anyone plotting bad against you. He would cautioned you for a wrong done and advised you on the way forward.

His words of encouragement had enhanced and kept me going with a record of success even more than expectations. I do appreciate him for the fatherly roles he has played in my life. Despite the fact that we met at The Hope Newspapers, it like we have knew each other longtime ago.

No doubt, he posses the role of a good father and a good leader

I wish him long life and prosperity in good health in Jesus Name. He shall live to eat very well the fruit of his labour in the Mighty Name of God. Happy 60th birthday to our Daddy.

Adeniyi Ayodele Noah, Chairman all sales representative.

Aro as we all fondly call him is an honest, friendly, amiable man, down to heart and frankly on issues ,

Aro is a man of the people , in those days he love play around with his pairs where he was given a nickname AKAMO EKUN, which is still appreciate up to date when he meet some of good old friends.

He is a good family man you always see him in company of his wife and children He is a good elderly man always firm when issue are brought to him at any level highly respected by all and sundry

I wish him the best as he turned another year congratulations sir

Dr Charles Israel Afolabi, President, Fire Academy Nigeria

Firstly I have to thank God that it is a journey he started well and ending well, Arowolo has being my sibling and i know him to be highly intelligent young man and very proactive in all his endeavours, and that is why he is able to take the journey so far and now that he is ending it now, obviously, i give thanks to God for being with him through out the service, and also wish him a belated birthday with longlife and prosperity.

Adeoye Oluwatoyin, (Staff of the Hope Newspaper)

My oga is an easy going man, fun to be with, very generous and kind and man of his words , may God almighty be with him to have full peace for his retirement in Jesus name and wishing hin happy birthday

Saheed Ibrahim (Staff of The Hope Newspaper)

He is a gentleman to the core and a good leader per excellence.

You can never hear anything about he quarrelling with anyone, he does his job and always at peace with everyone.

With a gentle smile, he greets you warmly whenever he sees you. He is such a good man, I wish him happy birthday to him.

Arowolo, joined Owena Press Limited, Publishers of The Hope Newspaper in August 1, 1997 as a Circulation officer and later got promoted to Head of Circulation where he bowed out of service.

The Ondo born man was happily married and blessed with four wonderful children among which is Omo’ba Kayode Afolabi, the Publisher of Newsline Online News.

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