Assault on pregnant woman: Odebowale must go —Ondo PDP to Aketi

…..ODSG must apologise, Dr Odebowale must be removed.

May 8, 2021


Assault on pregnant woman: Akeredeolu’s Aide must stop his Rascality And Recklessness In Governance

The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) in Ondo State has been drawn to the bestial behavior of a Senior Special Assistant to Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, Dr. Doyin Odebowale wherein he was alleged to have slapped a pregnant woman for failing to pay obeisance to him and insists that this executive rascality and recklessness must stop forthwith in our beloved Sunshine State.

Our party considers the action of the SSA as not only shameful, low, anti-social but also criminal, reprehensible and punishable under our existing laws and therefore demands that he must be thoroughly investigated, examined by medical experts to ascertain his state of mind and ultimately prosecuted according to the law of the land.

The PDP is particularly enraged by incessant assaults and perennial insults being dished out by this same personality to hapless people of Ondo State especially our women and wonders why a non indigene who is only privileged to feed fat on the people’s resources can turn again to humiliate his benefactors and owners of the resources he presides over, for their magnanimity.

The party recalled that sometimes last year during the lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic, this same Dr. Doyin Odebowale under the pretext of enforcing the lockdown order, forcefully threw away wares, foodstuffs and other items belonging to our ever industrious women and went further to describe them as bleaching pigs!

We had wondered all day long whether sharing our positions and resources with those without any tie of consanguinity with Ondo State is a crime that could have attracted or warranted such unabating humiliation, victimisation and dehumanization of our people in their own land by a notorious, overzealous and devilish personality who always boasts of his enormous dark power and uses same to intimidate, harass people and even gag his paymasters!

We have taken sufficient notes of several infractions and infringements on the rights of our people and lamentably, with impunity but we have not been able to actually fathom what this particular man intends to achieve or score in the occult realm which had spurred him to find exceeding joy and enthusiasm in unleashing terror on our people. We sincerely view his holier-than-thou posture as nothing other than self-seeking, hypocritical, unjust, wicked and provocative.

While we do not intend to poke our nose into whatever covenant the governor might have made with the “high priest” of Ogun State in the course of looking for the governorship seat of this State, which also gave him appointment preference over and above the indigenes of the State who are still pressing one button or the other and moving from one mountain to the other in order to get appointments.

“What we surely know is that our people cannot continue to suffer undue maltreatment in the hand of a man who only has a portmanteau to carry when the chips are down and therefore warns the governor to cage the attack dog to avoid the wrath of the people should the ugly trend continue.

Our party cannot just fold its arms and continue to watch this ridiculous charade at the detriment of our people who are being unabashedly desecrated and devastated by a man who has chosen to playing to the gallery by using our people as pawns in this ongoing chess game in the occult realm.

We patriotically advise once again, the Governor of Ondo State, Mr. Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu to stop the rascality and recklessness that has permeated and pervaded his government by calling, for once, Dr. Doyin Odebowale to order and immediately cage him against harassing and dehumanizing our people in the overall interest of peace and tranquility.

Leye Igbabo,
Director of Media and Publicity PDP Ondo State.

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