How Two week-old Baby died during Parents’ fight in Ondo

It was a sad day when a fight between a young couple, Ekene Ijokun, 40 and Rose Ijokun, 32, in Eleyowo community of Ondo state has led to the death of their two week old baby.

Eleyowo is in Akure North Local Government area of the State.

Consequent upon this, the two parents have been handed over to the police.

It was gathered that the wife had strapped their two weeks old baby at her back during the brawl.

It was alleged that Ekene was always beating his wife during pregnancy and this time around, they got into their usual argument which eventually led to a fight.

In an interview, Mrs Ijokun’s sister, said “the baby was strapped to the back of Rose Ijokun when her husband, Ekene Ijokun started a verbal attack on her before it resulted into physical combat.

“I didn’t see it as anything as they usually have such fight and make amends after. But this time, it was the other way round as the disagreement degenerated into a physical combat which eventually claimed the life of the innocent baby.

“The baby was hale and hearty before the incident.

“I removed the baby from her back and placed him on the bed. That was when I realized the baby was lifeless,” she said.

Efforts to revive the baby proved abortive as he was declared dead on arrival at the Basic Health Centre in the community.

The Olisa of Eleyowo, Chief Eso Ojo said: “the incident was very bad. We have never seen such a case in our community.

“Many times, there have been reports on the couple and it’s unfortunate it ended this way. The community leader called for calm, saying the case is being handled by the Ondo State Police command.

Source: THE HOPE

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