Economic Dev: Nigeria not encouraging Science, Research —Elizade University VC, Prof Amund

By: Ade Adeleke

A renowned scientist and Vice Chancellor of Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, Prof. Olukayode Amund, has expressed dismay over lack of required attention to science and research in Nigeria for national economic development.

The Don however stressed the need to place more emphasis on applied research, if the Nigerian economy is to experience the expected boost that can improve the wellbeing of her citizens.

Prof. Amund, who made this remark after he was inducted as a fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science in Abuja, lamented the abysmal pace at which Nigeria’s technology is developing.

According to a press statement signed by Olubunmi Afuye, Senior Public Relations Officer, Prof. Amund was quoted to have said the lack of funding of scientific research in Nigeria is having a ripple effect on the country’s economic development.

In his words, “Science is not as encouraged as it ought to be in Nigeria. Even though the Government, as a policy is favouring the study of science, as against the humanities in our schools, the economic climate is not aiding the fulfilment of Government’s aspiration in this regard”. One thing is to have a policy, another thing is to make the policy to work.”

Prof. Amund, who described research as the bedrock of development, also called for more synergy between the Private sector and the Academia, to ensure that researches being conducted in the University are being translated to both industrial and agricultural revolution for the improvement of the Nigerian economy.

The Elizade Universities Vice Chancellor noted that most foreign multinationals, who do business in Nigeria, only see the country as a sales outlet and would rather sponsor research in their home countries than give such supports to local researchers.

According to him, “local researchers have been tried in the past and they have disappointed them. It is on that premise that they are no longer relying on such researchers to handle productive-driven researches for them.

“That’s why our own locally based private sector must stand up to that challenge to fund University researches.”

Prof Olukayode Amund, who assumed duty as the Vice Chancellor of Elizade University in 2019, was inducted as a fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science following his well cited local and international publications in various journals.

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