Misconception about Percentage Salaries in Ondo —NLC cautions TUC


There has been a misrepresentation, misconception and misinformation being bandied around by a section of our sister Congress, i.e TUC with the above caption.

The statement, no doubt, was aimed at maligning the NLC and her leadership in Ondo State.

It is therefore, important that the records be set straight with a view to correcting the person(s) behind the veil and whatever his/her intendment on the malicious information is all about.

At every salary meeting, the JNC, leads. NLC and TUC are supporting centres in assisting the Joint Negotiating Council in driving home good welfare packages for our members in the Public Service.

It will interest our Workers to note that, hitherto, no meeting was called behind the TUC and no negotiation was done without the presence of TUC leadership.

Salary meetings commenced with the tenure of the immediate past Head of Service and so far, we have held more than eight(8) of such meetings with the three labour centres being physically present.

It should be said here that, government of Ondo State as being represented in every meeting by HoS, Accountant General, P.S Estabs, P.S Finance etc always present before us verifiable evidences of government receipts both of FAAC, VAT, oil derivatives and others like Exchange gains etc. All of these, organised Labour has a way of confirming which we have been doing month in month out.

As a Council, we challenge the individual behind this mischievous act to come out if, he/she has further proof of money kept or being own by Ondo State government which could enhance our current salary payment arrangements to present it.

The position of NLC has been that of manifest understanding in the face of seeming realities steering us all in the face. We challenge TUC as a centre, to come out with evidence of dissent in any of those meetings and or deny that it never partook in any salary decision leading to percentage payment even at the last meeting of Friday 2nd July, 2021, their threat of not collecting anything short of 💯% salary going forward went into the thin air.

No doubt, government (previous and present) have mortgaged our IGR with excessive borrowing both local and national. And on it, as a labour center, we have made our position known to government by advising her to stop borrowing.

We therefore, appeal to TUC leadership to tame the or their black sheep from disorganising the Organized Labour in Ondo State. We cannot and should not allow for a divided labour at this time. Remember, united we stand but, divided we fall. Leadership is about responsibility and being in charge.

Once again, we want to reassure our members that, at all times and in all situations, what is fair, just and equitable will always be done in their interest.


NLC Bureau,
Ondo State.

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