Protest as Ekiti govt demolishes gas plant in Ado without notice

An entrepreneur and politician, Mr Akinlayo Kolawole has protested the destruction of his gas plant located along new Iyin Road Ado Ekiti, by Ekiti State government.

The fence of the gas plant was pulled down on Tuesday afternoon by government officials on the account that it did not obey the required metres expected for setback.

Speaking with journalists in Ado Ekiti, Mr Akinlayo described the action as an abuse of power which he said  was condemnable.

According to him, government ought to have given him a prior notice before demolishing his property which he said worths over five million naira.

Akinlayo Kolawole who is also a stalwart of APC explained that before the construction of the building, he contacted the contractor handling the New Iyin Road to demand the metres required for setback and he was told to leave seven metres which he said he did even with the help of the engineer supervising the project.

The entrepreneur said it was painful that government could damage the  firm which he used his sweat to establish towards providing jobs for youths and boosts economy of the state.

Akinlayo Kolawole said ” If I have been notified, I would have requested for just two days to erect another fence and that would have helped me to salvage some of the items which was totally damaged now.

“Before I started this building, I consulted the appropriate authorities, I got the Cof O and the approval was given by same government which has now turned back to bring it down.

The APC stalwart however called for compensation for the damages.

Some other traders along the route whose shops were also pulled down were seen lamenting the effect of government’s action on their survival especially now that the economy is biting very hard.

Reacting to the development, the State Commissioner for
Housing and Urban Development, Chief Oladiran Adesua said all structures pulled down were those that did not obey the ten metres setback required.

He described the act
of flagrant erection of structures on road setbacks as an aberration
and eyesore, stressing that such action often hinders development.

Speaking on the allegation that no notice was given, Chief Adesua explained that an advert was aired on the radio for a week and such serves as a notice to those concerned.

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