Alleged Ritual Scandal hits Ondo Senator

…..lawmaker alleged of hypnotizing constituents, as IGP is asked to arrest him

……”My Blackmailers are Therapists”

An Ondo based lawyer, Mr. Akin Sowore has asked the inspector general of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba to order the immediate arrest of senator Nickolas Tofowomo, the senator Representing Ondo south senatorial district of Ondo state in the Nigerian senate, over his alleged ritual dealings with some constituents.

Sowore, in a letter addressed to the IGP said the senator hypnotized the youth constituents, after inviting them for an empowerment program, and made the to take an oath to support him in his second term bid.

He wrote:
“It is on records that on Saturday 21st June 2021, Senator Tofowomo invited some Youths accross Ondo Southern senatorial District who are suspected to be Delegates in the forthcoming senatorial primaries, under the disguise of an empowerment meeting, unknowingly to youths he had prepared some ritual concussions and water from car radiator he charmed them and the victims while under hypnotism he fed them with the concussion and the car radiator water.”

“The ocultic act according to an account of eye witness his Native Doctor said was meant to place the victims under oath with a sum Two Hundred thousand Naira each sent to their various accounts as further inducements to coerce them for the support of his second term bids.”

“We also wish to further inform your office that Senator Tofowomo has involved in several ritual and ocultic shenanigans to so many personalities in the area. Some of these activities inter alia was an accident which involved his self and some other political leaders some time early last year, where several lives his victims were lost.”

“These offences, as codified in the constitution and our criminal code is a legal impetus for your office act timeously, hence the following are our prayers:

1.That Senator Tofowomo be urgently arrested and investigated.
2. That the victims health status be subjected to thorough medical therapies by a competent physician.

3 That Senator Tofowomo be prosecuted in the law Court by the Attorney general of the federation.
To neap at the board this menatic orchestrations, it our highest hope your office will act in earnest.” he added.


The Senator has also reached himself in a press statement read below;


The attention of Senator Nicholas Tofowomo has been drawn to a poorly written petition full of grammatical errors by one baby Lawyer in Ondo State to the Inspector General of Police where the said Lawyer requested for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the Senator on allegations of rituals dealings with some constituents in Ondo South Senatorial District of Ondo State.

Senator Tofowomo is innocent and open for investigation by the police. But it is necessary to set the record straight for the whole world to know that politicians and detractors are at work ahead of the 2023 election.

The political orchestrated watery petition should be ignored by the good people of Ondo South and the unsuspecting public because the Lawyer only wrote to mislead the public for political gains.

The spurious allegations against the cerebral Senator are mischievous, untrue, and falsely concocted to dent his image ahead of the 2023 general election because of his intimidating and distinguished achievements within two years as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For the record, there was no meeting held at the residence of the Senator in the said dates quoted in the petition by the writer where people were lured to take oaths or swear with car radiator water to prove loyalty to Senator Tofowomo.

The only meeting held last year at the residence of Senator Nicholas Tofowomo was the PDP senatorial meeting in Ondo South with all the political leaders in attendance and another with all his former 92 Aides where they all gathered at his residence to observe a day fasting and prayers programme for his quick recovery over his health challenges and the Senator was not the organiser but a unanimous decision by all of his former Aides to pray for his well-being and they were led by three pastors. This could be verified from any of his former Aides.

The said Lawyer is a hungry man that was paid a meagre amount of money by detractors to tell a poor story against Senator Tofowomo.

We understand there is hunger in Nigeria but we never knew that the purported Lawyer who cannot write simple and correct English could descend this low because of peanuts.

We are not surprised that the writer of the petition has taken up a new trade-in falsehood and character assassination as his major source of livelihood because that is what is known in his Local Government most especially at the close of every election in the State.

We challenge him and his sponsors who hid their faces to come out and back up their poorly written story with proof (pictorial or video evidence). If they can’t provide proof, the police should arrest the Lawyer and prosecute him immediately for raising such an allegation against an innocent man.

The public should know that the petition writer is a card-carrying member of the ruling APC, and his ultimate goal is to bring down Senator Tofowomo for refusing to assist him to pay his debt after going bankrupt at the hands of a money lender in Akure.

Why would an APC man panic and get worried over the affairs of the PDP? How can anyone lie this much for a political purpose? Such is unbecoming of a good Christian.

Senator Tofowomo is a man that carries God’s grace and a good Christian who cannot suffer disgrace. His detractors have tried many times to bring him down via social media by using their concubines and proxies but they have failed repeatedly because whoever God promotes, nobody can demote.

All the allegations are unfounded and without factual foundations. The good people of Ondo State should disregard it.


Akinrinlola Olumide,
SA Media and Publicity,
To the Senator.

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