Hon Expensive: My Tribute to Generous Colleague —Ondo Reps member Makinde

How does one express the amazing essence and spirit of Late Hon. Omolafe Adedayo – his selfless generosity, uncompromising belief in all that is good and his unwavering commitment to family constituents and friends?

Words, even the very best of the true words, cannot pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that we all are feeling today.

The loss is there,tangible and real with everyone…but Hon Expensive as he is fondly called, exemplified life, love, laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in seeing the best in everything, even loss.

And so today, we honor him by profoundly feeling and expressing our loss but by also remembering the late Hon. Expensive – an amazing person who has played a unique and special role in all of our lives.

We remember him as father, brother, uncle and colleague. To all of us, especially Akure North/South consistuents, remember that Hon Omolafe Adedayo “Expensive” represented you well.

Adieu Expensive.

Hon Abiola Makinde
Member Representating Ondo East&West Federal Consistuency.

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