Isinkan Princes, Princesses back Iralepo-elect Olugbenga Ojo, caution Deji of Akure

…… Deji’s Purported Appointment of Iralepo, an Affront on Ondo State Govt, Calculated Attempt to Disrupt Peace in Akure South

The Princes and Princesses in Isinkan in Akure South local government area of Ondo State have described the purported appointment of Gbenga Henry Adeyeye as Iralepo by the Deji is a descreation to the tradition and heritage of Isinkan People and an insult to the Ondo State government.

They assert that it amounts to over stepping of boundaries which is capable of truncating the peace being enjoyed in the state capital.

Rising from their emergency meeting held at the residence of Olori Omowas, Prince Durojaye Ariyo at Isinkan, the group said the action of the Deji was alien to the custom and traditions of Isinkan people.

The meeting was attended by all the contestants to the stool except Gbenga Henry Adeyeye and the Oba-elect Olugbenga Ojo who was in seclusion for the mandatory Iralepo Obaship traditional rites.

Prince Ariyo said the selection processes to the throne followed due process and in line with the provisions of chiefs’ law of Ondo State 1984 as amended.

The Leader of the Omowas affirmed that the recognition of Iralepo as a Traditional Stool is in fact in conformity with the same Supreme Court judgment that the Deji is bandying about.

“The Omowas agreed with the state government who has in her wisdom and rightly interpreted all judgements as regards to Iralepo stool.

Prince Ariyo reaffirmed that the selection of Oba Olugbenga Ojo followed due process.

“We presented five aspirants to the kingmakers for the vacant stool. The Kingmakers thereafter sought approval from Ondo State government through the Akure South local government for the selection process. Approval was duly granted on the 11th of October, 2021.”

This led to the final selection process on the 21st of October, 2021 held at Saint Thomas’s event centre, Isinkan, supervised by the secretary to Akure South Local government, Hon. Gbenga Fasua and under the watchful eyes of security personnel.

During the exercise, Prince Olugbenga Ojo defeated other contestants including Gbenga Henry Adeyeye to emerge the Iralepo.

All the contestants signed memorandum of understanding and peace accord, shook hands and promised to support the winner.”

“We were surprised to read from the media the following day that the person who came second with four votes, Gbenga Henry Adeyeye had been appointed as “High Chief Iralepo” by the Deji. This can’t be nothing but desperation!

The position of “High Chief Iralepo” is strange to us and unknown to Isikan. We could have waved it aside but for posterity, we choose to set the record straight.

So, after following due process, we consider any other appointment or installation of Iralepo outside that of the one elected in Isikan by the people of Isikan as an affront to constituted authority.”

“We will also like to put a lie to the media report that we – in the Iralepo Royal family recommended Adeyeye to the Deji. That is a blatant lie from the pit of hell! We did not. We only recommended five aspirants including him to Isinkan Kingmakers for consideration.”

Prince Ariyo added that the community prevailed on the youths who had planned to protest the purported appointment by the Deji which they consider as an insult to the community.

The Olori Omowas therefore enjoined the State government to call the Deji to order so that peace being enjoyed in the state capital is not truncated.

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