“Use Akure House of Reps Seat to compensate Akeredolu, APC”

Why Akure Must Compensate Governor Akeredolu With The Vacant House of Representatives Seat

By: Taiwo Joseph

The second term project of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, came to fruition as it occurred in the entire 18 LGAs of the state which participated, vigorously, in voting for the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its candidate.

This was very important, not only for APC members to continue to enjoy the benefit of belonging to a ruling party, but most importantly, for the governor himself to be able to establish his legacy in every nook and cranny of the state.

The import of the election which gave an overwhelming victory to APC in 15 out of the 18 LGs in the state to Governor Akeredolu is still fresh in the mind of the people. The three LGs lost by Governor Akeredolu to his opponents are the two LGs of Akure North and South, and Ifedore LG.

Greater percentage of Governor Akeredolu’s projects was concentrated in Akure. The Governor believes Akure deserves all necessary infrastructures befitting of a state capital. Akure, being the only state capital in the south west without a teaching hospital, has the State General Hospital converted to one with a massive infrastructural upgrade.

Governor Akeredolu dualised most of the single-lane roads in the city to double-lane for ease of traffic within the city. Governor Akeredolu believes that for Akure to live up to its name as a millennium city, it should have all the corresponding requisite infrastructural development in terms of transportation.

He upgraded the Akure airport that was; hitherto, a ghost town and he facilitated some airline operators in the country to ply the route from Lagos, the commercial hub of the country and from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory on daily basis. The Airport which services not only Ondo but Ekiti, Osun and part of Edo States no doubt has a positive impact on economic prosperity of the State, particularly Akure.

Akure sons and daughters have benefited tremendously in large number in terms of political appointment during Governor Akeredolu’s first tenure .

Except for political sentiment, how a man that has touched the lives of the inhabitants of the city, and who is enormously popular among both the indigenes and non Indigenes living in Akure and whose standard of living he has positively changed for better could lose an election in a city he considered his own and has done so much for when compared to anywhere else in the state during his first four years in office, is still a puzzle to be left for political pundits to unravel.

Akure South/North vacant seat

The people living in Akure now have an opportunity to make right the wrong meted to the governor in the last gubernatorial election, by voting massively for his party, the APC in the forthcoming bye election to elect a new MHR as a justification for the love, care and affection Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN has displayed for them.

Now, aspirants have started queuing up for the position of the late MHR. Posters are flooring the city everyday by aspirants vying for the post, while others who have not displayed their posters are busy making political consultations.

What should be paramount to the governor is how to sustain his legacy and emboss his name on the wall of the State’s Hall of Fame. He has done enough in terms of achievements in office to earn it. He still has a litmus test to pass ahead of him by entrusting loyal hands with strategic elective positions to protect his legacy as he leaves office in 2025.

There is the need for caution in picking the man who will compliment his work and deliver on points. The person must be trusted, loyal and must stand on the existing protocols for the governor to continue to be relevant after leaving office.

In the midst of abundant resources of personalities jostling for the vacant MHR position in the state APC, one aspirant, as his name kept ringing in my mind is Hon. Sunday Olajide, of Akure South constituency 2 in the State House of Assembly. He had once indicated interest in contesting for the same position but was prevailed upon to step down by the party leadership and he gladly obliged.

There is no gain saying that he has the winning formula and capacity due to his vast popularity in Akure.

Even when the progressive party was in opposition during the reign of Dr Olusegun Mimiko, the progressives rallying point in Akure was Hon. Sunday Olajide as the only progressive candidate that won his election in Ondo Central Senatorial district and he represented his people in the state Assembly very well to the admiration of the people.

I am persuaded that Hon. Sunday Olajide is a strong admirer of Governor Akeredolu. In his activities as a ranking member of the state House of Assembly, he has been commended as an erudite and highly resourceful lawmaker who has strong passion to drive all the policies of Governor Akeredolu through the legislative processes and approval of the House to date.

He has been quoted to have commended the Governor for the good works of infrastructural development across the state and the beautiful facelift given to the state capital as a thing of pride to his party and the state in general. He has through legislative process supported the governor’s industrialisation drive in no small measure.

He withstood the intense pressure and overtures to join the ruling party of Dr Mimiko as a demonstration of his loyalty to the progressive’s ideas.

Olajide’s regular comments on Aketi’s giant stride in politics, visibly sustainable administrative achievements, and his indefatigable nature as a man of refreshing candor lend credence to his undying love for Mr Governor. The principle he continues to exhibit as a ranking member of the legislative body also proves his unflinching loyalty and support for the Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

While other aspirants are now uttering whatever inanities would get them the party’s ticket as they embark on their political consultations and horse trading, very few of the likes of Olajide are, actually, protecting the sanctity and the integrity of the party by not openly showing interest in the position yet until the position was officially declared vacant

Sunday Olajide represents part of the governor’s most fervent and trusted loyalists and support base in Akure. This, along with his
Akeredolu must show interest

The ultimate decision lies with the party and people but the enormity of Governor’s support cannot be overemphasised in the overall process of choosing the party’s flag bearer from the aspirants that abound in our party.

The MHR election in Akure North/South is a litmus test for you to support an aspirant that is worth your while, must be a keen loyalist of yours with a high sense of integrity and who will watch after you with absolute honesty and commitment as you cement your good work and legacy in the state for posterity.

Joseph, is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State and a Public Affairs commentator, writes from Akure.

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