Monarch under fire for leading thugs to attack Journalists’ Estate

February 10, 2022….. Media Release


We condemn in strong terms the recent invasion, criminal destruction to property and threat to life against Journalists by residents of Beachland Estate allegedly led by a Traditional Ruler.

It was reported that on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, the said Traditional Ruler led some of his chiefs to invade Arepo Estate (Journalists Estate) to destroy the Entrance Arc, located at the point of entry to the Estate, using hoodlums armed with dangerous weapons.

This ugly development must be curtailed forthwith and decisively. A situation where traditional authorities take laws into their hands with reckless abandon like in this case is unacceptable, more so, when the reason given for the destruction of the Estate Entrance Arc was allegedly because the Journalists in the Estate did not pay homage to the palace (Give bribe), before the construction.

We appeal to Ogun State Authorities to urgently identify and hold to account, all persons behind this dastardly act and willful destruction of property. These acts of impunity in the country, especially against Journalists and their property are far too many and should be stopped immediately.

Attacking Journalists and their property as done by public figures for whatever reason like the shameless display in Arepo Estate is ignoble and irresponsible. No decent community should engage in this.

Journalists should be encouraged to work without fear of harassment, wherever they may reside, because anything short of this is to deny them their freedom.

Shuaibu Usman Leman
Walin Shadalafiya
National Secretary, NUJ

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