Recent history has it that the Northern Senatorial District of Ondo State used to be the major commercial hub with the influx of goods from the northern parts of the country. From Owo, to Ikare and other major towns in the district were known as major spots where traders of different backgrounds meet. Ikare, the capital of the Akoko region was a meeting point of sellers and buyers with cheap prices of goods and services.

Suddenly, the game changed and the once bustling commercial nerve of Ondo state became a shadow of itself while businesses began to collapse, leading to worsening poverty in a once prosperous land.

For example, in the not too distant past, Ikare and Oba Akoko, two major commercial capitals that attracted traders froms as far as as Okitipupa and Osogbo among several others have become a place where you need prayers to visit because of insecurity, bad roads and debilitating poverty.

For those with discerning minds, it is clear that the problem was not natural. It was self-inflicted, a reflection of bad leadership, particularly the political class. While leaders of other districts used their offices to uplift the people with programmes that create wealth and develop the people, the political class in the senatorial district only doled survival packages, which is now commonly known as stomach infrastructure.

But the time has come. We cannot continue like this. There’s always a way out and our people must be savaged and moved away from life of poverty to that of abundance and prosperity through dedicated leadership and people-centred programmes.

Our fathers would say it takes a modern dog to hunt modern day rabbits. It is time the people put their future and that of their children in the hands of a man who understand and share in their pains. It is time to apply the mantra of our great party, the All Progressives Congress – Change.

Fortunately, all hopes are not lost. The abundance of youthful and vibrant leaders has rekindled the hope of the people in a better tomorrow for the senatorial district.

One of the Leaders needed now to fight for of well-being in Ondo North Senatorial District is the Young, Vibrant and Versatile Chief Alex Oluremi Ajipe.

Ajipe is a man who always want to see people around him happy. He has always dreamed of having a developed society where everyone will be comfortable without waiting on anybody to put food on their tables. This can only be done if there’s a development plan in place with all the natural resources tapped and youths are employed.

Ajipe is a tested hand. His immeasurable contribution to the economic development of the state in the last six years remains unparalleled. The industrial revolution of the Ondo/Linyi Industrial Hub in Ore is good testimony to the success story of Chief Alex Ajipe.

While the investments of most of the leaders are based outside Ondo State, Ajipe’s company, Klick Connect, has its tentacles spread across the 18 local government areas of the state and pays its tax to the government of Ondo State. While some leaders operate capital flight businesses from Ondo, he has consistently brought capital into the state. He is the Change the people are clamouring for.

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