• By: Sola Ajisafe, Esq

Come the 30th of this month Oka will again play host to the creame de la creame of people across the social strata in Nigeria. This will be at the instance of an indefatigable man of stature and action Hon. Olugbenga Akinola Omole member of the Ondo State House of Assembly representing Akoko South West Constituency 1.

Truth be told, since I got the invite to this event, I have tried to put my thoughts together and to properly digest and define him. The more I tried, the more difficult it becomes for me. I have struggled a couple of times to scribble something on my laptop but on each ocassion, I have proved incapable of gathering my thoughts in a way that would properly convey or represent my object of discussion. Every attempt has fallen short of what this man represents.

Against all odds, I have come to appreciate and acknowledge him as a man of immense character, capacity and conviction. What is in a man who cannot stand for his beliefs, what manner of a man who wants to be rated by the views of other persons, how can a man be himself if he cannot stand for his people? All these defined the misconception of who a Gbenga Omole is. These are the things that make Gbenga tick. This is why by Saturday history will be made once again in Oka Akoko when he is honoured with his wife.

Come this Saturday, Hon Gbenga Omole will shed the toga of an ordinary member of the Oka Community and join a select circle of title holders in the Olubaka in Council as the Akogun of Okaland and his delectable wife will adorn the garb of Yeye Akogun of Okaland through the blessing of His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. ( Alhaji) Yusuf Adebori Adeleye, Olubaka of Okaland ( Inonokuku) The Prescribed Authority and Second to the gods in Okaland. This is no mean feat at all when you consider the fact that Oba Adebori Adeleye does not just dole out Chieftancy titles like biscuit. You must merit it.

Historically, Oka is a renown historical town where only the brave and courageous dwell. Having accomplished the positioning of a warrior like community and remains the only town that was never subjugated during the Yoruba intercine wars whether by the Ibadan warriors or the Ogedengbe Agbogungboro of Ijesha and his Racine thugs or the Nupe marauders. It is clear that whoever will wear the honour of Akogun in Oka must posses the virtues of an Akogun in fact an in truth. Such person must lead from the front. He must be able to take the bullets and arrows from his people and on behalf of his people.

In many ways, politically, socially and otherwise, this is what Akogun Gbenga Omole has been doing for the people of Okaland. He has shown that he could speak for his people. He has always shown resilience in the face of adversity and confidence in the face of trials. His commitment has never wavered where the interest of Oka people is at stake.

Akogun Gbenga Omole has proven himself worthy of all the accolades that may fall on his lap because within this five decades he has made impacts that will take many a lifetime to build. Like him or hate him, one thing that is clear is that Hon. Gbenga Omole is a golden fish that has no hiding place. To him, service to humanity is the first law and the only option for him where the interest of Oka is at stake.

Aside from coming from a family of warriors in time past, he has politically led Oka people in many civil and political contests. His election into the Ondo State House of Assembly has given us a new idea of what effective representation is all about. At the time when many people betrayed their conscience, Akogun stood with Aketi against all odds and Oka people are proud of him. The way he discharges his assignment is heart warming. When it was time to stand for Oka people on many issues, Akogun does not shy away from fighting our battles.

As a representative of the people he has brought smiles to the faces of many of his constituents without making any air about it. His annual football events predated his membership of the State House of Assembly and the setting up of a Football Academy to mark his 50th birthday is another plus. Through this annual event some of the participants are in big leagues in Nigeria and across the globe.

For me, Akogun Gbenga Omole exemplifies the characteristics of a true war leader and true born Oka man. He is systematically confronting and decimating many of our challenges. To many people he is different things. Sometimes, his ways and means may look unpleasant or unorthodox but you cannot question his motive even if you disagree with his methodology.

Where some see brashness, I see conviction., where some see arrogance, I see confidence, where many see conflict, I see capacity, where some show timidity, Gbenga always display ability and capacity. He never backs down for a fight. He is passionate about his belief and his people.

At 50, the honour being done to him by making him and his wife members of the inner sanctuary of the Olubaka indicates the aphorism that only a good man deserves a good thing in his society. Gbenga Omole has served Oka people, he is still serving us and he will still do more

More than his age, he is a patriot and more than his status he is a giant. He has lived his life to serve Oka and has capacity to do more.

Akogun, wa gbo bi ogbo ti ngbo
Wa to bi ato ti nto
Wa dagba wa feriki jobi
Bi awon agbakan agbakan nile Olofin
Ogbo kange kange ni ti igi Oro
Ogbo kange kange ni ti igi Peregun
Aje ki gbona titi ko ja ewe ajekabale
Ojo ti Agbonrin ba gbo lojo iku re nye.
Wa sodun yi wa se omiran
Ninu ola ati alafia.
Oye a mori oooo

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