2023 Ondo North Senate: Ajipe is most capable to deliver —Ondo TYC

“Ajipe has proved himself as an individual with great passion” – Ondo TYC

The Youth Converge (TYC), Ondo state chapter on Saturday said they are supporting the senatorial ambition of the Chairman, CEO of KlickKonnect Network, Dr Alex Ajipe because they believe in his capacity fix Ondo North senatorial district.

Addressing newsmen in Akure, Ondo State Coordinator of the group, Comrade Samuel Fakunle, said they are supporting Ajipe because he has proved himself in various capacities, urged the leadership of APC to pick him, that he is the best amount equal.

Introduce yourself to us in brief?
My name is Samuel Fakunle, the coordinator of TYC Ondo State, I’m the former Managing Editor of Trace News Magazine, but I’m a private business man now, I’m the CEO, Explicit Innovations – a media and brands consultancy firm. Permit me to keep it that simple.

Tell us about The Youth Converge (TYC)?

TYC was founded in October, 2020 at the peak of the national protest of “End Sars”, when we saw the spirit and zeal of young Nigerians who wanted the real change we deserved, a number of young agitators came together and agreed to form an organization that will bring us all together to foster ways forward since the struggle has been hijacked by hoodlums.

The Youth Converge is not a political body of any sort, but an organization built to serve as a wheel and platform for total freedom and emancipation of the young Nigerians from the old generation  and failed leaders that promotes disunity, ethnicity, regional differences and bias, using the uninformed young people to achieve their retrogressive and evil agendas. We are set to inspire and empower the youths to make positive change.

We are redefining the mentality of young Nigerians and promoting active participation of youths in the democratic processes at all level to inevitably rebirth a new Nigeria of our dream.

Why is TYC supporting  Chief Alex  out of all the aspirants vying for senatorial seat in Ondo North?

Well, Ajipe has proved himself in various capacities as a private citizen, Ajipe has proved himself as an individual with great passion to help the youth grow without anything in return outside politics. They said charity begins at home, but I always add this that it should not end there. We need him to come and use his skills, empathy , desire to help the youth, ideas to build the society, relationship with the youth and his  inter platform connections for growth of Ondo North Senatorial district. He is a man that dies giving attentions.

This is the kind of representation we want, someone who will not represent the Ikares alone, who will not be for just the Owos or his party.

Supporting Ajipe is made easy for the leadership of TYC in Ondo state, because he got it right with all the check lists we created to examine his unpretentious ambition, what more can we expect from a young man who is always available to listen to a better way to make the society better?  Get this right, there are many politicians in Nigeria that has capacity to deliver without prejudice,  this is not about Ajipe alone, TYC will do same for any individual that has the charisma and ready to make Ondo state and Nigeria better.

For Ajipe, in few weeks, we would roll out mode of campaign modalities in supporting him, our people in Ondo North are readily on ground, we are doing this with our funds, and that is  because we know he will bring a better representation.

The chances of APC at the general election

APC as a party is united, the party stands a great chance to win at general election.The party, APC has been able to manage the internal crisis well enough to give the party a common front.

However there isn’t much of differences in the political ideologies of all the political parties in Nigeria, the different between APC and PDP is just name. The chances of any political party lies greatly on the person party is presenting. With Ajipe as the party flag bearer, APC will win in the general election.

In addition, with the new trend of the political orientation across Nigeria, I believe his party knows the right thing to do. The party delegates are mostly youth. They want a redirection to give everyone adequate representation. If you consider the crop of people contesting the primary with him, he is a giant and rooted politician. TYC believes in  his ideologies and his party knows what he is capable of doing. I am also using this medium to transfer this message to the delegates and the party chiefs to make Ajipe their choice candidate.

Advice to the Nigerian Youths

Enough is enough! Stop feeling unconcerned, get involved in the politics.

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