Achievers University warns new intakes against social voices

17th Matriculation: Achievers University matriculates 902 students, Admonish them of good character.

The Achievers University in Owo has matriculated 902 undergraduate for the 2023/2024 academic section.

The University Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Omolola Irinoye said the citadel of learning has withnesed her 17th Matriculation.

While Speaking during the Matriculation ceremony, she Adviced the newly admitted students to be of good character as they are formally confirmed as students of the University.

“Congratulations to the matriculants, you must have heard lots and what we stand for, our principles and what we stand for during the various orientation programs, for the purpose of emphasis, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the focus of the University is the development of the total person in body, soul and character, to make the person useful to self and University at Large.

The University is poised at teaching and inculcating in you the importance of development, self reliance, self discipline as these would help in shaping you to be good ambassador of the University as you carry the emblem of the University.

Achievers University has zero tolerance for laziness, bullying, cheating, cultism, stealing and other social vices that compromise your being the best of you and prevent you from making best of your time”.

“The University detest all forms of examination malpractice, it is pertinent that you focus and pay particular attention to your studies for this is your primary aim of coming to the university”. She added.

She emphasized also that students should read the school code of conduct.

Our students are expected to dress responsibly, you are expected to comply with our dress code, I would advise that you judiciously and meticulously read through your students code of conduct for better understanding as ignorance will not be an excuse”.

As parents also gathered to celebrate with their wards the vice Chancellor ask them to make their children available at when due.

The professor made known that the University has admitted students to 38 undergraduate Programmes and 11 Post graduate Programmes.

“Achievers University, the first private University in Ondo and Ekiti state has grown over the years, with 38 undergraduates programmes, school of post graduate with 11 programmes”

She affirmed that many of the matriculated students would be enjoying scholarship as approved by the University council.

“Today, we are Matriculating a total of 902 students into different programs, many of the students would be enjoying scholarship as approved by the University council, this is the part of the University cooperate social responsibility to make education accessable to young people and buffer the economic hardships on parents”.

She further said students in the health professions must meet a certain CGPA.

“For students in the health professions, subject to additional specification of different programmes, it is important that your CGPA is not less than 3.0 because anything less means automatic withdrawal from the program”.

During the ceremony, the school Pro Chancellor, Bode Ayorinde, briefed that the vision of the University is to transform the students from secondary School certificate to BSc holders.

“Our pride is that our 13 sets that have graduated are doing marvellously well, the vision of the University is to transform you all from secondary School certificate to BSc in different studies.

Let us try to make sure that all the students that are being matriculated today end well and in good grade, although not every students would graduate but we are hopeful that majority would be successful”.

He Advised the matriculated students to be careful of bad gangs in other for them to be successful throughout their stay in the University.

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