Chief Olowofela: Lawyer sets Record Straight Over kidnapping Wrong Accusation




The immediate and extended family of Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela, the Asamo of Igbara Odo, in Ekiti South West Local Government Area of Ekiti State, is deeply concerned about the ongoing media trial of Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela regarding allegations of his supposed involvement in kidnapping cases of killings across Ekiti and Kwara States.

The family feels compelled to address recent accusations regarding his alleged connection to the regrettable incidents surrounding the deaths of the Ọba of Koro in Kwara State and the two traditional rulers in Ekiti State. We pray for the repose of the souls of the Obas and that God will comfort their respective families and people.

As responsible members of the society and devoted family of Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela, the family maintains Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela’s innocence in these matters and unequivocally declares that Chief Olowofela has been wrongfully accused and unjustly implicated in these tragic events. It is emphatically stated that Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela was not involved, aware of, or complicit in any manner whatsoever in any kidnapping or killing incident.

The family steadfastly stand by his integrity, character, and unwavering commitment to upholding the law. Chief Olowofela has dedicated his life to serving his community, advocating for peace, and fostering harmony among its people. His pedigree and track record speak volumes about his unwavering stance in promoting the rule of law and denouncing all forms of violence.

While noting the importance of the investigation being carried out by the Nigerian Police Force and acknowledging the commitment of the law enforcement agency in keeping the country safe and uncovering the facts with a view to bringing the real perpetrators of the alleged heinous crimes to justice, the family, as a group of lawabiding citizens, pledges its full cooperation with the authorities and urges anyone with useful information to approach the police and assist in the investigation.

The family expresses profound concern over the spread of incendiary, baseless and insensitive statements circulating on social media platforms concerning Chief Olowofela and the incidents in question. Whilst the family acknowledges the curiosity and apprehension of the public concerning these incidences, we urge everyone to exercise caution and abstain from disseminating inflammatory comments or unsubstantiated allegations.

The impact of misinformation and malicious reporting on the family members has been devastating; causing emotional trauma and profound destabilization that is difficult for the family to comprehend. Furthermore, the disparagement of the Patriarch of the Olowofela Family, the Asamo of Igbara-Odo, on social media without any official statement from the Nigerian Police Force can only
undermine the integrity of the ongoing investigation and exacerbate unwarranted tension, while also unfairly exposing the family to unimaginable risks and

Members of the public engaging in deliberate media trial of this matter with the intent of disparaging and tarnishing the reputation of the octogenarian are hereby advised to cease immediately. We urge them to retract all unfounded and incriminating
messages or images they may have disseminated in any form or manner and to refrain from any further intrusion into Chief Olowofela’s privacy and that of his family members.

The Olowofela Family is prepared to take any necessary measures within
the ambit of the law to safeguard the Patriarch of Olowofela Family’s integrity and the legacy he has diligently cultivated over the years.

The Family is deeply grateful for the continuous support, encouragement, comforting words, affirmations, understanding, and prayers extended to them by friends, relatives, associates, and the broader community.

The outpouring of love and reassurance has significantly alleviated the family’s pain and distress during this challenging period. Whilst the Family humbly requests that you continue to pray for the swift, complete vindication of their Father, they maintain its steadfast confidence
that Chief Philip Oyebanji Olowofela will be exonerated of all allegations, restoring his reputation without any blemish of wrongdoing.

In conclusion, while praying for expedited conclusion of the investigations, and recognising that due legal process and police investigations must be allowed to
proceed without prejudice or bias, the public is implored to verify every information regarding this matter before disseminating same and to abstain from participating inspeculative discussions that could escalate the situation. Let us maintain the principles of fairness, justice, and respect for due process.

Thank you

DR MOBOLAJI OJIBARA Solicitor to the Olowofela Family of Igbara Odo Ekiti Ekiti South West Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

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