Ondo 2024: Ex-NMA President, Prof Faduyile joins guber race, maps out how he’ll unseat Aiyedatiwa

By: Ade Adeleke

The first indigene of Ondo State to become the National President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and immediate past Special Adviser on Heath to the State Governor, Professor (Dr) Dayo Faduyile has joined the 2024 governorship race in Ondo State.

Faduyile declared that he is far better than incumbent Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa in all ramifications.

The APC Aspirant said, “To face an incumbent governor, you have to put in more effort. I want to also wish my brother, Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, luck in his campaign, but look at us together; I’m better than him in many ramifications.

“In the last 6 years I have had the privilege to serve the nation as the first indigene of Ondo State to lead the prestigious Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) during the Covid 19 pandemic and recently as the Special Adviser on Heath to Ondo State Governor.

“During this period and in line with my profession as a medical practitioner, I have had the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. This has endeared me to the service of humanity.

“The welfare of the people and their well-being became my utmost responsibility. I dedicated every hour of my service to ensure the people of our dear state got the right information needed for healthy living.

“Therefore, with a humble and willing heart, I, Adedayo Faduyile am running for the governorship of our dear Ondo State to serve each and every one of us.

“I am running because the stake couldn’t be higher: Our health system (primary and tertiary) needs immediate revamp. We have to create an environment in which our medical practitioners want to live and work.

“Aggressive revamp of our education system. We need to take back our position as the pathfinder of education in the country.

“Embark on massive infrastructure rehabilitation of our edifices including modernizing our road networks.
Exploration of renewable energy to resolve our electricity issues. We are the sunshine state.

“Open our seaside for tourism, hospitality, and blue economy.
Engage our energetic youth in technology and artificial intelligence.
Ensuring the sports development is enhanced for our teeming youth.

“Adaptation of mechanized farming. We need to cultivate our vast fertile land. Upgrade our security infrastructure. We must say something when we see something.

“As your next governor, I will listen and hear every one of your issues from the seaside of Ilaje to the hillside of Idanre; from the thick forest of IleOluji to the plains of Akoko; from the fertile land of Ikale to the rich cultural area of Owo; from the trade center of Akure to the creeks of Ese-Odo; and to the sweet aroma of cocoa of Ondo.

“The leadership of the party can choose any mode of primaries. I have seen cases in which consensus has been reached and the results have been satisfactory to the members of the party. I have had the opportunity to see where indirect primaries have been used in the same way as direct primaries.

“Whichever one the leadership of the party wishes to use, anybody who wants to aspire must be ready for any of those three, which are in the rules of the APC.

“But with what has been happening in recent times, it looks to me that the best approach is a direct primary, but the leadership of the party can adopt any of these three. Any decision proposed by the leadership of the party is acceptable to me, and we will do our best to defeat any other candidate who we’ll contest together at the primary.

“I’m a professor of medicine. Professor of Medicine is not something you get by chieftancy or by votes. I’ll not come and waste my time on negotiation. There is no reason why I should come and seek negotiation. I’m not here to play; I’m here to win.

“When we are talking about leading the state, we must have someone who has done very well in his or her own profession. I must tell you, I’m a doctor. I’m not only a doctor; I’m a consultant, and that is the zenith of being a practicing medical doctor.

“I contested in 2020 against the incumbent then. So it is not a new thing for me to contest against an incumbent. But in 2020, I collapsed my structure with the incumbent. The only superior argument that made me do that was because of the agreement on zoning in the state. For every other reason, I was adamant.

“If our party now says this is the person they have picked and it is not me, that I’ll go to another party or go and disrupt the process, the thing is, while you are planning your own, you look at the positive side.

“The second one is for you to be picked either by ballot, consensus, or imposition, but it is left for you to elect yourself, and this is what I’m doing, but I know God is on my side; if it is by direct delegate, I’ll emerge. And if it is by imposition, that imposition will be Professor Dayo Faduyile,” he said.

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