The Hypocrisy of Politics: Ondo State’s Flip-Flopping Politicians and the Game of Self-Interest

It is a fascinating turn of events in Ondo State’s political landscape, where a significant shift in power has led to a change of heart among politicians. One cannot help but notice the irony that many of those who supported the ill-plotted impeachment of Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the former deputy governor, now find themselves running after him in what they call solidarity.

The reason behind this abrupt change in attitude is simply because Aiyedatiwa now holds the position of governor.

This situation offers an important lesson for the followers who were once vehemently fighting each other over their political support. It serves as a reminder that politics is indeed a game of interest.

People align themselves with politicians based on their own personal motivations and agendas. In the quest for power and influence, alliances shift and enemies can suddenly become allies.

The followers who were divided during the time of the impeachment should take this opportunity to reflect on the nature of politics. It is unwise to make enemies solely based on one’s support for politicians, as political landscapes constantly evolve and realign. The same individuals who were once considered enemies may find themselves on the same side in the future.

This realization should encourage followers to approach politics with greater pragmatism. Instead of blindly aligning themselves with politicians and creating unnecessary animosity, understanding the underlying dynamics of political interests is crucial.

It is essential to recognize that politicians may revise their positions and forge unexpected alliances to serve their own goals.

In conclusion, the recent turn of events in Ondo State serves as a reminder that politics is a game of interest. Supporters should be wise enough to avoid making enemies solely based on their political affiliations.

The ever-changing nature of politics demands a pragmatic approach, where personal relationships and the pursuit of common goals can sometimes override past rivalries. It is crucial for followers to be mindful of these dynamics and adopt a more nuanced understanding of the political landscape.

Oluyemi Fasipe (YemieFash)

Social Media Personality & Youth Advocate.

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