Akeredolu: OSF alleges Aiyedatiwa of using Appointments to reward Treachery

…..Governor didn’t appoint Akeredolu’s Enemies —Aide.

A political group, Ondo Solidarity Front (OSF), has insisted that Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s latest appointments are purely to reward those who launched relentless campaign and attacks against late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu till the very end.

The group in a press statement issued through its General Secretary, Yemi Adegboyega, pointed out that the appointments are reward of treachery and clandestine display of this unfolded within the state’s corridors of power recently.

Adegboyega said, “ONDO: REWARD OF TREACHERY AND THE BATTLE OF CONSCIENCE: The solemn funeral arrangements for the esteemed former Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON, commenced on Thursday, February 15, 2024. In a disheartening turn of events, just a mere two months after Akeredolu’s departure, his successor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has unveiled his true intentions, confirming what had been whispered in hushed tones late last year.

“It has become evident that those who aligned themselves with Aiyedatiwa in his relentless campaign against Akeredolu until the very end are now being rewarded for their heartless actions.

“Recently, a clandestine display of treachery unfolded within the state’s corridors of power. Were it not for the far-reaching influence of social media, we would have remained oblivious to the distribution of appointments among those who assisted Mr. Aiyedatiwa in his relentless battle against Akeredolu.

“Not too long ago, we bore witness to the elevation of individuals who were willing to turn day to night during the health crisis that befell the former governor. They cunningly presented themselves as ardent champions of the state and its people, yet unbeknownst to us, their motives were purely self-serving.

“Since their appointments, a  deafening silence has descended upon their ranks. Despite Aiyedatiwa’s lack of original initiatives since taking office, aside from claiming credit for the programs and policies established by Akeredolu, no new developments have emerged within the state. Today, in Ondo State, we find ourselves under the sway of a government steeped in showmanship, where style takes precedence over substance.

“In the early days of Aiyedatiwa’s clash with the late Akeredolu, his personal photographer, Abayomi Adefolalu, audaciously launched a verbal assault on Akeredolu via his WhatsApp status. This update was captured and swiftly transmitted to the governor, who was then far away in Germany, undergoing treatment.

“It was evident that this photographer did not act alone; his actions were undoubtedly influenced by Aiyedatiwa. This incident played a significant role in the governor’s decision to disband Aiyedatiwa’s media team upon his return to the country in September 2023.

“Regrettably, the very same photographer has now been reinstated by Governor Aiyedatiwa. Abayomi’s reappointment, along with several others, was shrouded in secrecy. Their appointment letters were discreetly handed out, with no public announcement. Were it not for the reach of social media and their own eagerness to trumpet their newfound positions to the world, we would have remained oblivious to the fact that a man who had hurled abusive words at Akeredolu, had been granted a second chance by Mr. Aiyedatiwa. It is worth noting that Akeredolu himself had dismissed this very photographer in the past.

“Abayomi was not the sole beneficiary of rewards for fighting against Aketi.

“Similarly, Tayo Oluyi, popularly known as Alariwo, the individual who led PDP youths in an aborted protest against Akeredolu, has also benefited from this alleged treacherous reward. Oluyi is a die-hard PDP member, and his association with Aiyedatiwa stems from their shared battle against Akeredolu.

“While Aiyedatiwa is well within his rights to appoint whomever he chooses, our concern lies in the facade of loyalty he has maintained thus far. It has become apparent that this loyalty was nothing more than a charade. Aiyedatiwa fought Akeredolu relentlessly, and even in death, he continues to disregard and disrespect the late governor.

“Meanwhile, Aiyedatiwa’s list of beneficiaries is far from complete. Individuals are yet to receive their appointments. We shall remain vigilant, watching and observing their subsequent actions closely,” the OSF General Secretary said.


However reacting to similar allegation recently, the State Governor, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa faulted the claims, noting that he reserves the right to appoint whoever he wishes.

Aiyedatiwa speaking through his Chief Press Secretary, Prince Ebenezer Adeniyan said, “the Governor reserves the right to appoint whoever he wants to work with into his cabinet.

“This sponsored junk is coming from the same set of people who complained when the cabinet was dissolved and said he should have retained the Exco.

“There are no enemies of Akeredolu in the appointments made by the Governor and those who have made themselves professional complainants should find a better job to do. Mr. Governor has a duty to run this State and he’s doing just that.”

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