Endorsement of Aiyedatiwa by Ondo Speaker, other lawmakers, in order —Hon. Omole


The Special Adviser to the the Governor of Ondo state on Information, Akogun Olugbenga Omole has insisted that Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa remains oare former Governor Akeredolu’s number one legacy in the state irrespective of lies being peddled by wallers acclaiming to be loyalists of the late former Governor.

Hon. Omole in an interview with TVC on thursday night, revealed that Governor Aiyedatiwa has a good working relationship with Akeredolu till his last breath, only for the cabals to have created unnecessary enimity solely for their selfish interest before the Governor’s death.

“Talking about the relationship between Late Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa, nothing has happened to the relationship, people are just playing to their taste, the cabals and all that are doing this for their selfish gain, we are all Team Aketi, Governor Aiyedatiwa is the legacy of Aketi, because a lot of us does not have access to the Governor when he was sick made it so easy for the cabals to create unnecessary enemity between Aketi and Aiyedatiwa, I can tell you that Aiyedatiwa is a legacy of Akeredolu, whatever anybody says against this subject is a lie.”

On the crisis rocking Ondo House of Assembly, the Special Adviser to the Governor who is a former State lawmaker, also described the statement released to the press by the current majority leader of the state House of Assembly concerning the thirteen members who passed vote of no confidence on the speaker, Olamide Oladiji as mischievous and untrue, stating emphatically that the major leader have lost political relevance in his home town and that prompted him to wail around in his bids for relevancy.

According to Omole, “It was difficult for us to see a news flying on the media space that 13 members of the Ondo state House of Assembly are not supporting Mr Governor, for instance, what the Speaker said on the declaration day was that, 18 members of the house have endorsed the Governor, that was not a new thing in the house, I was a former house member in the 9th Assembly, and we did this for our late Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu when he want to run for second term.

“About nineteen or twenty of us, went to Abuja, so for the majority leader the House of Assembly now who was part of that team that endorsed Akeredolu then, who even went to Abuja with us, for him to have come out to release that kind of statement is not too fair and low for him.

“There was no name on any document that reflect signature of thirteen members who passed vote of no confidence on Mr Speaker, that is how we use to do it when I was there, we just need to write the members name and append thier signature, that is what the current house leader is doing,it is not new to us, it’s what we have done together when I was there as a member.

“Hence, the news of passing no confidence in the speaker is just an information planted by the mischievous people, some of this members are even outside the country as we speak, one has denied, this is a political season, a lot of things are happening, but at the appropriate time, the truth of the matter shall be unveiled.

“The video of our event in Abuja is everywhere, it was not all the 9th members that went to Abuja with us, but we made a press statement on behalf all that the parliament has declared to support Akeredolu, so for the majority leader to come out and stand against Mr speaker now is too low of him, even in United State of America, Congress endorses whoever they want to endorse, so it’s a global practice.

“As we speak, we have twenty two members of APC and four other opposition members in the assembly presently, all of them can not support the Governor that is clear, some of them also have other aspirant they are supporting, but categorically I can say that, Governor Aiyedatiwa has the majority of the house of Assembly members supporting him, in few days time they will come out and declare thier support openly for Mr Governor, Omole said.

“On the flying story of 13 members who passed vote of no confidence on the speaker, I can tell you that it’s a pure lies and political gimmick, they are,” Omole reiterated.

According to Omole, Governor Aiyedatiwa as you know him, he is somebody that does not keep malice and always willing to work with everyone irrespective all that played in the last eight months or thereabouts, “if you see the Governor and the speaker now, you will think they are blood brother, there is an existing strong relationship between the Governor and the house of Assembly members.

“Few days ago, the Governor and myself held a meeting with caucus of APC members of the House, about seventeen or eighteen of them, we discussed widely about the development of the state, this is to show that the Governor is having a very good relationship with the Assembly members except for the wallers

“The fact we need to understand is that, all the current issues are happening because of the forthcoming primary election, we know where everybody belong, I want to challenge the majority leader who granted an interview that thirteen members signed vote of no confidence on Mr speaker to openly come out and tell the whole world names of the thirteen members,” Omole said.

“In Ondo state today,we have a ready mind of service in Governor Aiyedatiwa, Politics and good governance are going on smoothly in ondo state as we speak, 3.47b has been approved for rural road construction and light up Akure program is going, governance is not affected with politics, good governance is going on smoothly in ondo state irrespective of the Governor ambition,” Hon Omole said.

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